Socially Devoted–The Industry Standard in Social Customer Care

Three years ago, we noticed that brands were not seizing the opportunity to do good social customer care. So, we created the Socially Devoted quarterly reports and awards, to talk about the progress of the industry and reward the best practices of devoted brands.

Socially Devoted–The Industry Standard in Social Customer Care

To do social customer care or not is not only a business question; it’s a philosophical one. Your brand’s page shouldn’t be a monologue where you only talk about your brand and content. Rather, it should be a conversation. You need to let your Fans talk back to you. Facebook and Twitter give you a platform to directly (and more importantly: transparently) address their questions and concerns – so why not take advantage of it? Social care tells your fans and followers, loud and clear, “We care about you, and we want to hear what you have to say.”

Imagine if, in real life, you stood in a square, addressing a large group of people who were all there to hear you speak. Perhaps you’re the spokesperson for a large company, or a government, or some other large organization. You finish your speech, and as your avid followers raise their hands, ready to ask you questions, you smile and announce “No further questions” and walk away.

Now imagine if you did this every day. Their questions would go unanswered; their problems unresolved.

In 2011, this was the global landscape of social “non-care.” Most companies were dropping the ball, with uninspiring response rates, and even worse response times. In fact, no one even knew these things mattered.

“We detected the need for companies to be responsive to their customers back in 2011, and companies were struggling with how to measure these interactions in social media,” says Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers. “We immediately looked into our data and not only did we find great ways to measure it, but decided to release a part of those results for free in our quarterly rankings.”

In came Socially Devoted, where for every calendar quarter of the year, if a brand reaches 65% in question response rate (QRR), and answers over 50 questions in a quarter, we award them the designation of ‘Socially Devoted’. Each quarter we publish the top brands, globally and from different regions and industries, that perform the best at customer care.

Inspiring Progress from Quarter-to-Quarter

Over the past two years, we’ve noticed big changes from quarter to quarter in how social care has evolved. Demand is through the roof for many industries; brands are eager to up their social care game, but often lack the resources to manage it properly. The most successful companies use analytical tools to chart their responsiveness, and have brought their customer care and social teams, in-house.

What we are witnessing is a paradigm shift. Brands are beginning to realize that social care is no longer merely an option. As a writer for Wharton’s social media strategy division says here, “Now that [social media sites] are an integral part of the culture, using them for customer care is moving from cutting-edge concept to business necessity.

As Jan says, “Socialbakers has created this to be a scaled and open standard, and in 2013, Socially Devoted has finally become a globally respected standard for companies that do social media customer care well.”

While social customer care is getting better across the board, there are still some industries who have room to grow (looking at you, Telco!), and others who can only get better. Come back next week to check out which brands were Socially Devoted in Q4.

But, you don’t have to wait to see if you made the list. You can check whether your own brand is Socially Devoted right now by entering your page at! If your company isn’t on the list, use Socialbakers Analytics PRO to find your own metrics and gain invaluable insights.

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