Super Bowl 2014 Advertisers Hit the Gridiron

The NFL playoffs may have just ended, but in addition to the Broncos and Seahawks match up, there’s another frantic battle being fought. With millions of dollars already spent on this year’s game, the annual slug-fest between some of the biggest advertisers in the world has already begun, each with one goal – to have the most effective and engaging Super Bowl ad on February 2nd.

Super Bowl 2014 Advertisers Hit the Gridiron

Little Cookie. Social Media Darling.

Every year, small fortunes are spent – but last year one brand stole the spotlight and won the battle without spending a single dime on advertising. Thanks to a blackout in the Superdome, Oreo’s fast and spontaneous Tweet was a brilliant and highly effective bit of social media “UN-marketing.” As of this writing, the post has nearly 16,000 Retweets; over 6,000 Favorites, and a bunch of positive conversation – both in online comments and around office water coolers in the days that followed. And it’s all thanks to the power of social media.

Now, no one can predict blackouts or other unplanned incidents, but we can safely predict that those advertisers and other Brands are all hoping to be this year’s Oreo. It’s safe to say that marketing teams everywhere will be on high alert!

The Numbers Game

Let’s look at the data from two of the brands that advertised last year and plan on doing so again this year, to see if their Super Bowl ads made a difference on social media. Volkswagen (USA), and GoDaddy both spent big last year, and both saw their interactions rise on the day of the big game:

Both of these brands combined TV advertising with social media efforts by posting their ads on Facebook. GoDaddy also included a hashtag in their campaign, with an exclusive video of unseen footage of the ad on social.

While not quite the touchdown that Oreo scored, Volkswagen also reacted to the blackout, generating extra engagement for their page.

Although their brand may not have the fun factor of Oreo, GoDaddy and others, Volkswagen has a great chance of winning this year if they stick with the game plan and advertise during the game, and take advantage of the viewers also tuned into social media.

Whoever wins the Super Bowl ad battle this year will have to be ready to fight off a lot of competition in the real-time marketing war. Everyone will need to be ready to react to the slightest anomaly.

And the Champion Is…

We think the Brand that wins will have mastered the key points of social media:

  • Have fun, creative content
  • Stand-out in a good way
  • Combine their social presence with TV ads
  • Be fast yet spontaneous on social media

Personally, we can’t wait – both for the battle on the field, and in the advertising world. Toss the coin!

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