Socially Devoted Q4 Results Are In: Brands Raise the Bar for Social Care

It’s time. We’re excited to announce the Socially Devoted results are in for the last quarter of 2013. Socially Devoted is Socialbakers’ quarterly review of Social Customer Care activity on Facebook and Twitter. It looks at how well companies respond to social care requests around the world and sets benchmarks against the top brands, industries, and countries. It’s the globally-respected standard for companies that do social customer care well.

Socially Devoted Q4 Results Are In: Brands Raise the Bar for Social Care

So, let’s see how Social Care evolved over the last quarter, and whether brands are picking up the slack (or dropping the ball) from the previous quarter. Progress, or lack thereof, is based on response rates and response times, across all regions of the world and in every industry.

First the good news; overall, brands are responding faster than before! We’ve seen response times drop 12% from last quarter, which is wonderful news for Fans and Followers (stay tuned for more details coming soon!).

We broke down our results by industry to see which ones received the most demand, and which handled it best on both Facebook and Twitter. Reigning supreme this quarter is the Airlines industry, whose brands boast the best response rates all around. On the other hand, the Telco industry, which receives the vast majority of customer service requests on social media, continues to perform poorly (relative to public demand).

We also looked at how demand is split across Facebook and Twitter, finding that Twitter has garnered more demand (59.3% of the number of questions received) than Facebook, although users can still expect a response more often on Facebook (18.8%) than on Twitter. Which network will be the most frequent channel for customer care? Only time will tell.

And, we have the list of top performers on Facebook and Twitter in a separate post, including the fastest brands! Stay tuned for more!

Did your brand make the most Socially Devoted list? Check our full results here! And, to see if your brand meets the standard of Socially Devoted, check out our free web app! Also, check out a video of our CEO, Jan Rezab, explaining the results of Socially Devoted here!

Be sure to check our blog every day for the next week for more insights into the state of Social Care.

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