Twitter is Gaining Ground in Social Customer Care

It’s true. Although Facebook is still where many users turn for customer care on social media, Twitter has been making headway over the last year.

Twitter is Gaining Ground in Social Customer Care

Consumer demand on Twitter pages is trending up overall, and has even surpassed the demand on Facebook. When a customer logs a complaint on social media, it’s increasingly likely that he or she will Tweet it to you, rather than post it on your Wall.

In our charts above, you can see that demand has grown on Twitter. However, Twitter still pales in comparison in quality to Facebook’s better response rates and more comprehensive service. So while Twitter has improved, there’s still room to do better.

Which network will ultimately be the most preferred for social customer care? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Facebook brands should get on board by opening their Walls. And on Twitter, creating a specific customer service profile is also highly recommended.

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