Apple to Zappos: US E-Commerce Brands Can Learn a Lot From Retail

E-Commerce and Retail brands in the US are both evolving to make social customer care a big priority. But E-Commerce brands are falling behind their retail rivals.

Apple to Zappos: US E-Commerce Brands Can Learn a Lot From Retail

Answering a client’s questions can transform a potential problem into a loyalty-building exercise. And perhaps, even more revenue! However, while the American retail industry has the manpower and foresight to handle most social care requests at a high level, E-Commerce brands are still not up to snuff.

Let’s take a look at how they each performed in Q4 (October 1st – December 31st):

If you look closely, you can see that around Black Friday and also right before Christmas, response rates spike for E-Commerce brands, when questions received hit ** 2–3×** the normal amount. From this, we can see that more resources are put into social care, in preparation for the flood of demand that these special occasions inevitably bring. Brands have to be better prepared when hundreds flock to their pages to ask questions that will help influence their purchasing decisions.

The Ugly

Here are just two examples of e-commerce companies that badly need to either start up a social customer service team, or close their walls. If you are an e-tailer with an open wall, and you are receiving floods of questions on Facebook, you shouldn’t consistently have a 0% response rate to questions:

The Bad

This online shoe e-tailer is also ignoring all of its questions:

We expect much better than this. Your brand’s Response Rate and Response Time should remain consistent (and as high as possible) at all times. And it is perhaps doubly important for companies in E-Commerce, whose business is already structured around providing an intimate shopping experience online.

And the Good

Take for instance, the service of another shoe-seller, Designer Shoe Warehouse’s online store. They rocked it out, even at the peak of holiday season:

We hope to see more improvements throughout the year from e-commerce brands. When you’re an online business, failing to maintain a social media dialogue with your customers is not an option .

Want to see more stats related to social media customer care? Come over to our Socially Devoted site for the latest developments and insights.

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