The EU Still Beats the US in Social Customer Care

Along with ancient architecture, superior health care, and (at least in my opinion) inferior coffee, the European Union now also offers better social customer care on Facebook and Twitter than the United States.

The EU Still Beats the US in Social Customer Care

According to our data, for the average of all brands we monitor in each region, there is a significant 20% gap in response rate between the US and the EU on Facebook alone.

When we look into the most important industries for each on Twitter (Finance, Telco, and Airlines), the results get even uglier. For the Telco industry on Twitter, which has the most overall demand by a large margin, there is a breathtaking 41% chasm between the EU’s average response rate (a pretty respectable 60%) and the US (an abysmal 20%). On Twitter, European finance brands are completely outperforming the US with an impressive 75% response rate compared to the US’ 38%.

But not everything is bleak for American social customer care. When US brands do respond, they are responding slightly faster, on average, than European brands. Yet despite this, the response rates between the two should not be this big. We know you can do better, US brands; if you embrace social care like you should, you could be as competitive and relevant as the Old Continent!

For more insights about social customer care, tune into our blog and check our findings at Also, be on the lookout for a new white paper, coming out soon at, with even more details about how to successfully start and manage a social customer care team!

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