Socialbakers Analytics Now Features Enhanced Facebook Insights

Users of Socialbakers Analytics may have noticed some new features today. To make accessing and understanding your metrics easier and more useful, we’ve enhanced Socialbakers Analytics with tighter integration of the latest Facebook insights.

Socialbakers Analytics Now Features Enhanced Facebook Insights

You’ll now have a deeper view into the activity of your Facebook pages. To jump right into the details, continue reading to get a sneak peek.

New Functionality

The new integration improves the Facebook insights section of the Socialbakers Analytics platform and provides more metrics, some of which are provided in real-time. The information is displayed in four sections:

  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Visits
  • People

Each metric plays a different role in determining the success of your content and social media strategy, so they’re split for quick reference.

It’s important to note that the data in this section is known as “private metrics” and is specific only to your own Facebook page(s). It doesn’t provide a view of your competition, aka, competitive analysis. For competitive analysis you need a tool like Socialbakers Analytics, which with the latest enhancements now gives you a full picture of all of your social metrics in one convenient dashboard.

Each set of metrics has their own value, and we’ve created a guide detailing what these metrics are and how to use them.

Real-time data gives you a live, immediate view into who and how people are interacting with your content. You can also compare the location and demographics of your audience. Identifying this information early will help you tweak your strategy so that your content performs even better!

More Enhancements

Additional enhancements include a host of interesting metrics, such as:

  • Reach engagement
  • Page & tab views
  • Source of likes

Although Facebook Insights are a great source of information for your own pages, as we mentioned earlier, it’s really critical to your success that you see and understand what your competitors are doing too. Socialbakers Analytics is a powerful tool for multi-network (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) monitoring – not just for your pages – but for all of your competition too!

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