The Value of Socialbakers Ad Analytics for Facebook Advertising

Advertising on social is the future, and it helps to have a powerful tool to help you navigate and optimize your way to success. We took a look at what our Ad Analytics platform offers, compared to Facebook’s free tools.

The Value of Socialbakers Ad Analytics for Facebook Advertising

For most marketers, Facebook advertising is essential. By now, most smart brands (including yours, we’re sure!) fully recognize its inarguable advantages – that it is the most effective way to reach and micro-target your audience. In fact, a recent Socialbakers survey of marketers showed that 92% of respondents use Facebook advertising; almost everyone is doing it!

This same survey also revealed that the majority of advertisers were managing ads internally and using a free native platform tool for a variety of different goals:

Yet when you look at what the Facebook platform offers, it seems that many marketers are missing out on the more complex capabilities of an external social advertising, management, and optimization solution. To be clear – the Facebook ad platform is great. With the native tool, you can boost posts and use Facebook Insights to gather relevant information on page performance. With Power Editor and Ad Manager, you can create ads and manage them. For smaller pages looking to run simple campaigns (or occasionally boost a post), it could work. But that’s it. Any brand that is serious about running large-scale advertising campaigns needs a serious tool. Like, for instance, our Ad Analytics.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the main differences in ability between Facebook’s native advertising tools and our Ad Analytics, which offers unparalleled abilities that go far beyond the realm of what Facebook’s native tools (or other similar tools) can offer. These abilities fall into three categories:

  1. Post Boosting – used to improve performance of timeline and unpublished posts by optimizing for a variety of advertising KPIs, such as Clicks, CTR, Impression, Engagement, and Reach.
  1. Ad Management – used for creating advertisements and effectively managing campaigns.
  2. Advertising Analytics – provides you with an overview of how your ad account is performing, in general. It analyzes your performance by placement, type, demographics, and more.

Post Boosting

Not all advertisements have the same goals, and it’s important to tailor your ads accordingly. While Facebook native advertising offers post boosting, Ad Analytics can give you additional options of optimizing for different metrics, such as Reach, Clicks, Impressions, or Engagement, depending on your specific objectives.

Another huge advantage is to see your performance closely to better make quick decisions about your campaign’s performance. Things change quickly in the world of social, and it is important to be able to follow your campaigns closely. With Ad Analytics, you can see a 1-hour refresh of how different posts you published are doing, as opposed to waiting the full day for Facebook’s 24-hour waiting period to pass.

But what about automatically boosting posts? With Facebook native tools, you have to check on each individual post to see if it is worthy of a paid boost, Ad Analytics lets you set up automatic post-boosting that will control the process for you. Once you understand your organic reach, you can set a specific level for automatic post-boosting. This saves you time, and ensures that your best-performing posts will get even higher reach.

Additionally, Ad Analytics also visualizes the size of your organic versus paid reach of all past posts (not supported in the native Facebook platform), so that you can see the results of your paid boosting in an easy-to-read format. We also give you the ability to automatically boost posts that are performing well organically, so that you can automatically promote your best-performing content.

Ad Management

It is also necessary to be able to manage your ad campaigns so that you can track your performance closely, and target your market carefully. Ad Analytics helps you optimize your campaigns, so that they perform increasingly well and you can get more bang for your buck.

On the topic of targeting, Ad Analytics can target market segments, so that you can try out a different ad on a different market and compare your results. Along with this, Ad Analytics expands upon Facebook’s native options with custom audiences and targeting (for instance: being able to efficiently create custom audiences across multiple campaigns, or being able to target more markets by city than the native tools). Larger brands with multiple pages can quickly create custom audiences tailored to each individual campaign; and custom targeting by age, gender, language, workplace, country, interests, and more.

Timing is everything, and the same holds true when deciding the perfect time to run your campaign. we provide the tools to schedule a campaign exactly when you want it to run, in the exact periods of time when your campaign will be most effective. Facebook native tools can only schedule campaigns by start and end date, which in our opinion, really isn’t enough.

In terms of bidding, we also offer more options than the native tools. We have a flexible bidding system which allows you to bid aggressively, conservatively, or let the tool bid for you using the auto-bidding system, which takes into account how many people are competing for ad space to your target audience. You can also set optimization rules to pause a campaign, which automatically stops spending if a campaign is underperforming.

Advertising Analytics

Finally, analytics are the keys to success, for both your social content and your social ads. That means that you can see what is doing well and what is not, so that you can make your campaign more effective. You can see how your ad account performs, broken down by placement, type, country, and even the time and day of the week. Here, you can see the exact number of clicks, CTR, impressions, versus the total spend and CPC, all over a specified time range, and in a more easily readable and attractive form than in native tools. Based on this knowledge, you can see how you need to adjust your performance to be even better.

Along with this, we also give you a unique ability, called Fan Overlap. This nifty feature allows you to see what percentage of your Fans are shared with a competitor on a global or individual scale. This is especially important for promoting brand awareness, as it provides insight into determining whether to focus advertisements on your own Fans (if there is a high Fan overlap) or on reaching the News feeds of non-Fans (if you have a low Fan overlap).

Marketers serious about advancing their brands through social advertisement need a tool with serious capabilities, one that can target, manage, boost, optimize, and analyze all of their ad-related activities. Of course we recommend Socialbakers Ad Analytics. Drop us a line, and try it out for yourself!

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