Tag, You’re It! Socialbakers Upgrades Brand Tagging System

If you know Socialbakers, then you know that it’s our mission to ensure marketers achieve their loftiest goals on social. To that end, we’ve made some helpful changes to our tagging scheme that will streamline performance analysis on our website. Get the stats you need, make comparisons and benchmark with even more accurate and relevant data.

Tag, You’re It! Socialbakers Upgrades Brand Tagging System

Yes, in one stroke Socialbakers has optimized social media reporting. How so? We have taken it upon ourselves to finely categorise social media platforms – including Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter – and provide a valuable resource to your strategy. This means that brands and researchers are able to compare and benchmark social media performance metrics.

And now, we’ve expanded our categorization to include more diverse and specific tags, like unique segments for Gambling, for example, which can be separated. As a result, brands and researchers are able to get exceptionally precise when researching their industry – or any industry – and reporting on their performance.

As another example, FMCG brands are now distinguished between beverages, food, household goods and corporate. So let’s say you’re in the beverage business, and you’d like to know how your brand compares on social. Even though you’re an FMCG brand, you only want to know how you stand with other beverage retailers. So you need to exempt other FMCG brand types – like ice cream producers, for example – from your analysis.

And that’s where we come in. On our Socialbakers stats page, you can avoid the noise and discrepancy of being compared to yogurt. This allows you to compare, report and benchmark only against your closest competitors in FMCG beverages. Having an accurate image of what you’re up against, you’re able to plan and react with higher precision.

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On Socialbakers.com, reporting on social media performance is now done with enhanced accuracy and relevance. This analysis will give you a strategic awareness of who your closest competitors are. And naturally, the more accurate the report, the better you can strategize.

We at Socialbakers believe that data should be comparable and benchmarkable. And we continue our mission to categorize all brands on social networks. We have a large team of experts committed to separating pages and profiles into discrete categories for accurate analysis. And we also thank you – our clients and users – for helping us map the social media landscape.

Go see our new enhanced reporting for yourself. Available now, brands and researchers can see a high-resolution image of competing industries on social media.

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