Native Ads Are the Future: Join us at Engage 2014 to find out more

Social media has forced brands to adapt their strategies in favor of content and conversation. And native advertising has become the darling of marketers looking to win in an overcrowded competition for consumers’ attention. Here we explain what makes native advertising so effective.

Native Ads Are the Future: Join us at Engage 2014 to find out more

For more on best practices in social marketing, join us at Engage London 2014!


In a recent Socialbakers survey, we confirmed that Facebook is a high priority for over 80% of marketers. As such, only the most agile marketers have thrived. Now that 75% of ads are in News Feed, ads exist among the status updates and personal – and personalized – content of users. Consequently, anything irrelevant or of low quality will be ignored by your audience, and ranked out of sight by News Feed.

As a practice, native advertising answers the call for quality and relevance on Facebook, and other platforms like Twitter. It forces marketers to consider their audience not as one big body of consumers, but as people from specific demographics and with particular interests.

Analytics and advanced targeting methods enable marketers to use News Feed to their advantage – by generating insights on what content works, when, and for whom.

Oh, and speaking of content—

People Share Content, Not Ads

It’s simple: native ads are content in form, and advertising in function. Let’s not forget that social networks are principally connected by people’s preferences; preferences in other people, brands, music, news, etc. This means that ad content must appeal to these preferences. A hard sell or impersonal tone will break the flow of user experience and expectation, getting your ad or Page altogether stripped of its privileges to appear in that person’s News Feed.

You’ve Got Help

It’s part of our mission here at Socialbakers to educate brands and agencies on leveraging the power of social by measuring performance and taking steps to optimize content. Native advertising is a versatile tool for marketers, but it relies on insights to do well. And with three-quarters of all ads now in News Feed, there is little room for the unequipped.

For everything you need to know about measuring and acting on insights, join us at Engage London 2014, a conference for marketers by marketers. We want you to have every advantage possible, so we’ve brought together some of the world’s leading voices – like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lenovo, Google, Universal Music and more – to share with you their own experiences, techniques and insights.

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