Women leading Latin America on Facebook!

Social media power is getting into hands of nation’s beauty.

Women leading Latin America on Facebook!

Based on Facebook statistics from Socialbakers.com, and our continental stats on Facebook statistics in South America, it is interesting to notice that female Facebook users dominate the ratio over men by 2%. This finding has been generated considering seven biggest South American countries, where the number of women exceeds men by more than 3 million!

Looking at the table below, this is itself true in five of those seven countries with the biggest difference in Brazil. More detailed look at the Brazilian country stats reveals that the growth of Facebook users is more than 2 million in the preceding month of July; again slightly female dominated. This fast growth is clear sign of Facebook continuously outpacing Orkut, Google’s social network, which currently dominates Brazilian market.

More relevant Socialbakers stats can be found here: //www.socialbakers.com/facebook-statistics/

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