Infographic: Lidl #1 European Food Retailer on Facebook

There is a new champion of the European Retail market, and they aren’t just winning by one metric - this is a total knockout!

Infographic: Lidl #1 European Food Retailer on Facebook

With a fan base 162% of the size of their next-closest competitor’s, German grocery chain Lidl is absolutely dominating.

Socialbakers monitored European Retail brands from July 1st, 2013 through February 28th, 2014, in an attempt to see which retailers were doing the best on Facebook according to several different metrics. Lidl not only had the most interactions of any retailer on Facebook, but it also answered the most user questions. Check it out below!


As you can see, they beat the competition across 3 key social media metrics including Fan Base, Engagement Rate, and Customer Care. With over 10 million fans, the highest number of raw interactions, and the most active social customer care in the industry, Lidl leaves the competition far behind.

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