The Next Wave of Social Marketing is at Engage London 2014

On April 30th, Socialbakers are joined by the world’s finest social brands at Engage London 2014, a conference for social marketers by social marketers. And we want you there with us. Don't miss out on the insights, techniques, and tools that will power the best campaigns this year.

The Next Wave of Social Marketing is at Engage London 2014

We’re quickly running out of space! We’ve opened some new seats for you. Keep calm and register now.

At Engage London 2014, Socialbakers will show how to get the most of social data in a simple and effective workflow – Analyze. Engage. Promote. We’ve organized the event in three sessions based on this model, and we’ll take you step-by-step to a smarter kind of social marketing.

Our goals for the event are to help you:

  • Uncover the secrets to high performance on social.
  • Discover the precise effects of social media on business goals.
  • Learn how to convert insights into action.

These are exciting times for social marketing, but the next wave is only for those who know how to do their homework. That’s why Engage London 2014 will be one of the most valuable conferences in social this year.

What is The Next Wave of Social Marketing?

By 2017, the global social audience will reach 2.55 billion people. And according to Zuckerberg’s Law, the volume of content will grow exponentially every year. If you need evidence, look at Instagram – 50 million people have joined in the last six months, and 60 million photos are uploaded every day. Get more insights likes these at Engage!

What does this mean for social marketing? It means it’s time to get smart. Increasing budgets won’t be enough. The next wave of social is all about measurement and context.

When surveyed, a majority of marketers have said that social analytics is important – yet less than half are using independent solutions. This means that soon too many marketers will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people, content, and questions on social. We need to rethink the strategy.

Social Marketing Gets Smart at Engage

When a majority of consumers say that social media affects their purchasing decisions, marketers can’t afford to be overwhelmed. That’s why Socialbakers is recruiting you for a smarter social marketing. Join us at Engage London 2014, and get key insights personally delivered from Twitter, YouTube, Google, and more social business leaders.

Delegates from Lenovo, Renault,, and others, will also tell their stories of becoming genuine social businesses.

We’re pleased to welcome the #1 Socially Devoted brand in the world – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The preeminent social customer care provider has 130 dedicated employees operating in 10 languages, and answering 35,000 questions a week at an astonishing average response time of 23 minutes. How do they do this? Find out at Engage.

Interactive. Informative. International. That’s Engage London 2014 – where the world’s finest deliver the tools to ride the next wave in social marketing.

New Seats Available But Going Fast

Space is limited at the only social media conference you’ll need this year, and we’re quickly running out. To accommodate the rush we’ve opened up some new seats – so register now!

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