Regional Reports Are In: See Top Social Content From Around the World

The regional reports for March 2014 are now available! Socialbakers have collected insights from over 70 countries to evaluate how our analytics solutions can serve social business objectives. For some highlights, we picked four of the top regional performers on Facebook to see what social marketing lessons they can offer. Even if you’re a seasoned social pro, it’s always good to get a refresher on the basics. So let’s get refreshed!

Regional Reports Are In: See Top Social Content From Around the World

For complete insights, you can also view the reports, and all posts, in their entirety here.

Starbucks Hong Kong

What has 10,000 interactions, including over a thousand shares, and an Engagement Rate of 4.1%? This post.

On Facebook, Starbucks Hong Kong thanked its growing fan base with a special Buy One Get One Offer, inviting a friend for each fan. Seeking friends of fans is a common practice on Facebook, but bringing them into stores for a free coffee is a clever and engaging twist.

To qualify for the offer, the post invited Starbucks Hong Kong fans to show a barista their mobile devices, proving that they had ‘Liked’ their Facebook Page.

What can we learn?

When many fear that social has damaged in-store sales, Starbucks Hong Kong demonstrates an effective method for integrating social with business objectives.

Durex Italia

How do you make Earth Day sexy? Durex Italia has the answer.

Posted on March 19, Durex Italia got fans to think about their relationships with tech. If there’s any debate in interpretation, the hashtag settles it: #menotechpiusex (less tech more sex). The video itself concludes with the hashtag #TurnOffToTurnOn.

What can we learn?

Use trending hashtags to your advantage, but keep your content relevant and on topic. Bonus tip: Seasonal events and holidays provide great context for simple but highly shareable content.

Sony Chile

How many times a day do you hit “Like” on Facebook? What if one of those “Likes” could win you a GTK-N1BT – otherwise known as awesome speaker – from Sony Chile?

This was exactly the scenario starting March 10. Sony Chile announced a contest for its Fans, awarding each the opportunity to win their awesome speaker. All fans had to do was get others to “Like” Sony Chile’s Page, leave a comment describing what each would do with their awesome speaker, and with whom they would share the experience.

The post has since been edited to publicize the success of the contest, and urge fans to complete the final task by leaving a comment.

What can we learn?

1.) Fans appreciate exclusive offers. 2.) Fans like friendly competitions. 3.) An enticing visual language that explains the stakes increases a competition’s value.

KLM (Netherlands)

After a long, dark winter, the earliest signs of spring start to appear in March. Meanwhile in Amsterdam…

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are among the highest performing brands on social. Their reputation for Social Customer Care is recognized globally (check out Socialbakers stats for proof!). But as this post demonstrates, it’s also the brand’s personable voice which sets them apart from their peers. This post won KLM 33,000 interactions, including over 2,100 shares.

What can we learn?

Social marketing is a lot like dating: it’s all about personality, charm, and engagement.

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