Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

Our exclusive social media Industry Reports are now available. To evaluate how social is being leveraged to meet business goals, Socialbakers has collected insights from 14 key industries. You’re welcome! To highlight the kind of insights available in these reports, below we highlight one of social’s more colorful industries: Fashion & Beauty.

Industry Highlight: Fashion & Beauty

Fans. Fans Everywhere.

As an industry Fashion & Beauty continues to experience growth on social. It’s safe to say that consumers are responding favorably to brand presence on multiple platforms, like Black Milk has. The keys, of course, are compelling and relatable content – posts which inspire action and emotional connections – and the ability to measure performance effectively.

On Facebook, the top two fastest growing brands in Fashion & Beauty offer us some examples. Clinique’s content is definitively social. Every post on their wall has a conversational tone, inspiring clarity of mind as well as physical beauty.

Michael Kors excels at keeping a consistent and distinct visual culture. Here, they also bring attention to their other social profiles, but with a twist. Instead of “Come see our other pages” (boring), Michael Kors invites fans to go show off their watches (engaging).

Now That’s Engagement

Topping Fashion & Beauty in engagement is Durex USA. The brand performs well above the industry average of 0.27%, coming in an at awe-inspiring 7.31%.

Durex was also highlighted yesterday in our Regional Reports review, proving the brand to be a global social player.

What can we learn? As Durex reveals, engagement is a metric which adds value for not just one region, but in all regions. Monitoring engagement allows continuous improvement, and the results are clear.

Black Milk Clothing: Fashionably Devoted

And now a brief case study in social fashion: According to our March 2014 statistics, Australian brand Black Milk Clothing ranks as the most Socially Devoted in Fashion & Beauty. The online-only manufacturer beats the industry Response Rate of 40% – with a whopping score of 99%.

Black Milk Clothing are not only responsive, they’re fast, clocking an average Response Time of 90 minutes. In March alone the team answered 1,235 questions.

The rewards for that kind of effort speak for themselves. The Black Milk Clothing community continues to grow. Led by founder James Lillis, who says he loves “seeing all the different ways girls style their Black Milk pieces”, there is a visible social fabric (yes, we had to) at Black Milk Clothing.

What can we learn? Every answer to a customer query is a profound advertisement, and encourages community development. Personality and engagement are important values in social marketing, but for Socially Devoted brands there awaits a whole new dimension of success.

Are you Socially Devoted? Find out here.

How Socialbakers Helps

Our researchers work to provide extensive solutions to any social business objective. There are many metrics that add value to social marketing. And success belongs to those who know how to monitor, measure, and compare – in a word: analyze – their performance. Socialbakers provides the analytics solutions, and consulting, for the best in social marketing.

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