LinkedIn Hits 300 Million Users, Approaches “Mobile Moment”

LinkedIn is on the rise, having recently crossed the 300 million total user plateau. It is imminently approaching its “mobile moment,” in which a majority of its traffic will come from mobile users, and has some potentially revolutionary ideas in store for the next decade.

LinkedIn Hits 300 Million Users, Approaches “Mobile Moment”

The professional’s social network did not release their current Monthly Active Users (MAU) numbers, but in a recent presentation, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner listed the site’s 2013 year-end user numbers at 277 million, with 187 million monthly unique visitors and combined monthly uniques of over 80 million.

If total membership numbers are indicative, LinkedIn’s Monthly Unique Visitors number currently projects to be at least 200 million.

A Mobile Company

In an exciting announcement for marketers, Weiner reported that around 70% of LinkedIn’s revenues from sponsored updates come from mobile channels. That pegs the platform’s ad system as having a uniquely evident viability in the long term.

LinkedIn is clearly aware of the “mobile moment.” It has already hit one benchmark: Over 50% of traffic originates from mobile devices in “dozens of countries.”

LinkedIn also recently established a simplified Mandarin-language website. While the company already operated an English-language site in China, this approach enables them to reach the estimated 140 million students and professionals there via integration with regional social networks.

A Bold Future

All of this points to an enticing future for social marketers looking to use LinkedIn to reach a professional and pre-professional market. The company’s future plans – highlighted by their nascent construction of an Economic Graph meant to illustrate the world’s economy in human terms – reveal a network with grand plans for an expansion in membership and functionality.

Already the best way for B2B marketers to reach precise audiences tailored to engage with their content, LinkedIn is only improving.

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