Socially Devoted Q1 Results: Good News and Bad News for Twitter Social Care

With new insights from our quarterly Socially Devoted results, we take a look at the good, the better, and the best from Twitter brands’ social customer care for Q1 2014. There is good news and bad news for the state of social care on Twitter for the last quarter.

Socially Devoted Q1 Results: Good News and Bad News for Twitter Social Care

The good news is that many brands on Twitter are responding much faster to requests than the previous quarter–on average, about 5 hours faster across the board. That’s some pretty significant improvement!

On the other hand over 10 million user posts were ignored overall by brands–among those were over 1.5 million user questions.

In our infographic below, we break down those numbers and more about the demand, speed, and response rates for social care on Twitter, in general and also by industry. See our full results here!

And of course, check to see if your brand meets our standard of Socially Devoted with our free web app!

We have more exclusive insights to share about the state of social care throughout the couple of days-–be sure to look around for more! On top of that, if you want even more social media insights, come see us for the biggest social media marketing event of the year, ENGAGE London 2014. I

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