Nominate Your Brand for the Socialbakers Smart Storyteller Award

Introducing the Smart Storyteller Awards by Socialbakers - because it matters how brands tell their stories. If you’d like to nominate a brand you feel produces excellent, engaging content on Facebook, we want your help!

Nominate Your Brand for the Socialbakers Smart Storyteller Award

You can nominate brands on social media by using the #smartstoryteller hashtag. Simply post on our Facebook timeline with #smartstoryteller + @brandname, tweet your nomination to @socialbakers, or click the link below!

About the Smart Storyteller Awards

It takes more than good publishing habits to build a loyal audience on social. Success requires a good story, and a good story requires data. Many brands attack their audience with constant posts, while others post less frequently but keep engagement high. There are, however, a few special brands that are able to maintain a steady posting strategy without losing interactions or engagement.

We’re looking for that key blend of high engagement and frequent posting, because the smartest brands on Facebook know that winning over users requires consistency and creativity. They know how to deliver a compelling story in a way that resonates with their audience, without seeming intrusive.

At Socialbakers we know how much time it takes to benchmark, monitor, analyze, and optimize content for best results. Brands that exemplify smart storytelling, and smart social marketing, deserve recognition as industry leaders.

The Smart Storyteller Award will do just that; it represents the global benchmark in social content output.

Nominate Your Brand or Client for the Award

For the Smart Storyteller Award, nearly 50,000 brands are now being evaluated by Socialbakers. This process will continue through May, with winners announced in June.

You can ensure that your brand or client has the best chance to enter the nomination round. Make sure Socialbakers hears from the very best and nominate the Facebook page of your brand or client for the Smart Storyteller Award.

Good luck! And may the best storyteller win!

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