April Instagram Report: A New Superstar Emerges

As we examined the latest numbers from Instagram accounts, something remarkable stood out. It could serve as the most powerful reminder yet of Instagram’s potential for social sharing.

April Instagram Report: A New Superstar Emerges

As in past months, several global fashion brands (this month, Fashion brands’ fans accounted for 51% of the total number of brand fans) took on more new followers in April than any other brands.

But these brands have a close competitor that attracted 144,101 new followers in April – and their employees have probably given the account money.

Meet Grandma Betty.

Betty Simpson is an 80 year-old woman from Indiana with an adopted family dedicated to helping her fight lung cancer. Thanks to her 18 year-old grandson, she now also has one of the most instantly-popular Instagram accounts of all time, which is focused on gathering donations to pay for her treatment and crossing items off her ‘bucket list’. The family’s successful engagement with fans around the world can serve as a reminder that the best advertising often has a clear vision and underscores that with engaging posts – and that anyone can succeed with the right platform. What makes Grandma Betty “The World’s Grandma” isn’t just her backstory, her relatability, or her Midwestern morals and style – it’s her sense of fun, which her family has transformed into a marketable asset in the form of a “Blue Tongue” logo, based on a photo taken as she ate candy at her oncologist’s office.

How did Grandma Betty’s top post compare to top branded posts in April?


While GoPro’s post had many more interactions, the account also had a fan base about 2.5 times as large as Grandma Betty’s at the end of the month. So, Grandma’s best content, which captures her appeal and her product in a simple setting, was actually the more engaging post. Notice also how much more people were commenting on Grandma’s post compared to GoPro’s – almost twice as much, and more than 4× what you would expect given the two posts’ total interactions and the size difference between the two pages’ fan bases. This points to how much time people spent engaging with this content.

What Else Were People Talking About?

This month, we’re using our word cloud generator to show you the brand-related hashtags most often mentioned last month.

While many of the tagged terms you see are not immediately relevant, they do often reveal where consumers are. The prevalence of hashtags like #ksa, #uae, and #nyc underscore the Instagram-savvy presence of consumers in those areas. If your brand is marketing in a region that is hashtagged in brand-related posts often, consider focusing your Instagram content to that market and use that tag to connect with fans on a local level.

The Top Performers

The rest of the key data points describing the activity of branded accounts on Instagram in April are listed below.

As you can see, FMCG’s engagement rate dropped from its excellent March numbers, but that industry was not alone in falling. Engagement rates among the top industries were all down several tenths of a percentage point from last month.

That didn’t stop football brands from maintaining excellent engagement rates in the lead-up to the World Cup. These numbers emphasize the importance of capitalizing on global marketing showcases like the Cup.

Meanwhile, the biggest brands and media producers showed no signs of letting up their hold at the top of the food chain.

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