Socialbakers Quarterly Facebook Advertising Report

This week, we’re announcing the launch of our Quarterly Facebook advertising report. In this report, you’ll find key insights around advertising performance on Facebook, and learn how to improve your ads right now.

Socialbakers Quarterly Facebook Advertising Report

We’ve studied data across all verticals on over 2,000 advertising accounts to give one of the most comprehensive reviews of the Facebook advertising ecosystem ever published. This level of data is virtually unprecedented, and reveals some hugely valuable facts about advertising on Facebook.

Social advertising continues to grow at an incredible rate, with the majority of that growth coming on Facebook. Now, 92% of social marketers report that they are using Facebook for advertising. With this level of competition and potential, it is crucial to understand how to improve your efforts. Facebook advertising is going from strength to strength, and we expect this trend to continue through 2014. Facebook advertising is clearly something that is going to continue to grow in importance for marketers, and with increased competition it will be paramount for marketers to use all of the information available to help optimize performance.

The key purpose of this report is to share our insights on how to reduce wasted spend, and improve your return on investment from your advertising. We’ve found out where you should place your ads for best effect, where the cheapest CPC’s and CPM’s are, the differences by geographic region, the types of ads that work best, and much more in this not-to-be-missed paper.

To get ahead of your competition, download our free report and learn about what’s changed in Facebook advertising and how to maximise those trends for your business.

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