Using Socialbakers Ad Analytics to Target Multiple Audiences

Utilising native advertising on Facebook has become an essential part of social media marketing strategies worldwide. Facebook News Feed ads drive great results as they bridge the gap between social and advertising, in a form that doesn’t jar with the overall user experience.

Using Socialbakers Ad Analytics to Target Multiple Audiences

Once you’ve spent the time investing in content production for your Facebook Page, the next step is to decide whether to put advertising budget behind it to generate extra returns in terms of clicks, sales, or interactions. There are a few ways to decide whether to promote your posts, we recommend measuring organic reach and engagement to determine a strongly performing post.

If you’ve made the investment into your content, or simply have a post with really positive engagement, it makes sense to amplify it within the News Feed in the right way. Many marketers simply target ‘friends of fans’ or one or two targeting sets. This isn’t enough for you to be able to optimize and judge true performance.

To promote your posts in the right way you need to target multiple audiences, segmenting them based on demographics, interests, and ideally on other factors such as by using custom audiences. This can mean setting up your ad 5 times and having to go through the ad creation flow on Facebook 5 times as a result. However, there is an easier way as shown below:

Ad Analytics Screenshot

This is using Socialbakers Ad Analytics tool. Ad Analytics can help you target multiple audiences quickly and efficiently, saving you crucial time and meaning that there is no reason to not create the best targeting sets possible.

Once you’ve targeted multiple audiences using Ad Analytics, you are able to optimize much more efficiently using the tool and draw out real insights about your ads such as which targeting sets are working best, which age, gender or location of user is proving most cost effective to target in terms of your overall goals and much more. This data is very actionable in an advertising context as you can tweak your targeting for future promotion campaigns based on this intel.

If you’re creating great content and promoting it on Facebook then take the time to segment and target your ad sets properly to give you the best results. Socialbakers Ad Analytics can help you with this by saving you time and streamlining the process massively, leaving you with more time for optimization and even better content creation.

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