Combining Socialbakers Analytics and Ad Analytics to Drive A Better Facebook Campaign

When we talk about using analytics for social media, usually we talk about the importance of analytics for social media content and social media advertising separately. However, what most marketers don’t talk about is the enormous advantage of combining the two together. Combine the two? Surely, you must be joking, you might think to yourself. But I’m not. Independently, both are crucial for serious social media marketers and, perhaps surprisingly, the two are best used hand-in-hand. If you use a social media analytics platform and a social ads management and boosting tool, such as our own Analytics and Ad Analytics platforms, each can add tremendous value to the other. Here’s how:

Combining Socialbakers Analytics and Ad Analytics to Drive A Better Facebook Campaign

Fighting for Fan Share

When you post an ad campaign, what some don’t realize is that your brand is fighting for space with the ad campaigns of other brands. Even though it is impossible to get the private data on your competitors’ campaigns, what you can see is the audience that you share with them, using a tool, such as Analytics. Then, with your advertising tool (such as Ad Analytics), you can tailor your ads appropriately in two different ways, depending on your KPIs:

1. If you want to use your ad campaign to fight for greater fan share, you can use social analytics data (provided within our ad analytics tool) to target fan overlap. Then, using this, you can target the fans within that overlap, using the advanced-targeting features of Socialbakers Ad Analytics.

After the ad campaign is finished, you can check your results with Socialbakers Analytics by benchmarking your current fan base with your competitors’, comparing fan growth for the same interval of time as the campaign.


2. If you want to avoid targeting the same fans, the Fan Overlap chart (such as from the chart above) can help you adjust your ad campaigns to go after an untapped audience.

Run Ad Campaigns At the Most Effective Time

Timing is everything when it comes to social. That applies both for social media content, and to advertising campaigns. If you are coordinating a social ad campaign for a local brand page, the best practice is to set your ads to run at peak hours to reach the maximum number of users. To do this, you can take at your Active User Graph charts, provided in our analytics platforms:

Then, you can combine this with data from a time-of-day effectiveness chart from your social ad management tool, like ours, to see when your previous ad campaigns have been successful.

Combining this information, you can plan to run the campaign only for times when both your ads have been most successful, and your Fans are the most active.

With these abilities and more, you can use both platforms to target your audiences more effectively in your campaigns, run ad campaigns when you know they will be most successful, and even have better alignment between your content and your ad campaigns. What does that mean? Better social media marketing, and campaigns that will bring you and your brand recognition and success, both in and outside of social.

Interested in adding these capabilities to your brand’s social media presence? Try out our Analytics and our Ad Analytics platform, and see for yourself.

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