Top 10 biggest mistakes you make on Facebook pages

TOP 10 mistakes Socialbakers recommends not to do on Facebook pages

Top 10 biggest mistakes you make on Facebook pages

We already made a similar overview early this year, but we thought its best to go through this, as practice makes perfect. These are the TOP 10 mistakes Socialbakers recommends not to do on Facebook pages or generally in social media marketing:

1. Post too many times a day on Facebook

The recommended number of posts for brands is about 1 – 2 posts per day, for media companies, this can be 5 – 10 posts on a daily basis. Another thing is if you post too often on your Facebook page – meaning 5 minutes from each other.

2. Not engaging with people in comments

Marketers often forget that you actually have to engage with your fans and respond fans – make sure you do reply people when they have questions, even if they are stupid questions.

3. Arguing with your fans

Worst thing is to argue with your fans, if you have an angry fan, make sure he cools down, but do make sure to politically reply.

4. Delete negative comments

Even if you get super angry, never delete negative comments. Never.

5. Running competitions against the Facebook rules + applicable laws

Many companies still actually announce winners, contact them over Facebook, don’t have the proper Terms and conditions, don’t have a data policy and are still storing your details. This is something that is a very common mistake.

6. Posting one type of content

Just one type of content – say photos, is typically OK, but make sure that you also post diverse types of content, that is extremely important.

7. Not using applications / tabs

The best thing about Facebook is you can create a campaign that will drive and boost your community. So why not create those competitions, campaigns?

8. Not responding to your fans

Not responding to your fans in social media, and also responding slow in a crisis, is a mistake. If there is a crisis, your business is affected by, people will be looking out for your support in social media. Make sure that you not only respond, but that you do it fast!

9. Sending your fans to your site

Only sending fans to your site is not the best way of keeping your community really active and sharing. Communities love videos and pictures, but if you just send them links to your page only, that won’t do the trick (unless it’s really relevant content), but always make sure to mix the content.

10. Not using Facebook landing tabs

Landing tabs are a very important part of your Facebook page, we have proven that using them makes your page grow over 40% faster, and in recent numbers, even more! Make sure you have them!

For creating the best landing pages and competitions, try out the Socialbakers Engagement Builder, its free to try if you have under 50 000 fans with 1 tab, you can run it very easily!

Last but not least, Socialbakers is committed to bring you numbers on a regular basis in social media, make sure you use our numbers well. We analyze those numbers and will be doing our best to bring you the best social media expertise out there! Stay tunned for more!

The biggest mistakes you can make on Facebook pages

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