Who Has The Early Edge? World Cup Sponsors Compete on Facebook

To kick off our World Cup coverage, Socialbakers examined the social media performances of some of FIFA’s most successful official sponsors in the week leading up to the tournament. In particular, we looked into which sponsors experienced the highest fan growth, the most page interactions, and who published the best posts.

Who Has The Early Edge? World Cup Sponsors Compete on Facebook

Clearly, some brands really made the most of the pre-kickoff period. Coca-Cola advanced ahead of the competition in the race for fan growth, but Brazilian bank Itaú made the strongest impression of all sponsors. Not only did it have the best performing post (by a huge stretch, or roughly about the distance between the Brazilian team’s and the Croatian team’s cheers) but it also experienced more interactions on their page than any other sponsor.

So, the question is: can the sponsors that got off to a great start keep up the pace, or will they lose ground as the Cup progresses? Come back for more social media coverage throughout June and July to find all the results that matter. And remember, you can always check the Socialbakers Cheermeter for up-to-the-minute statistics about which brands, teams, and players are getting the most support on social, and to see our live Twitter and Instagram feeds of official-World Cup-hashtagged posts.

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