Brazilian Brands Steamroll the World Cup in Week 1

As part of our ongoing coverage of brand performance during the World Cup, we used Socialbakers Analytics to find out who is in the lead with fans after the first week of matches. Two local brands were off the charts.

Brazilian Brands Steamroll the World Cup in Week 1

There were some great football moments this past week – Robin van Persie’s “Flying Dutchman”, the American’s dream, every time Memo Ochoa snatched the amazingly aerodynamic Adidas’ Brazuca in his magical goal-stopping mitts – but none of them compare to the real underdog story: how Brazilian brands are using a global audience and peak domestic excitement to get insane engagement from relatively small fan bases – putting themselves on the same tier as massive global brands like Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

In particular, two Brazilian brands have risen to the occasion.

While there is a huge drop off in interactions from Kia to Itaú, check out how Itaú’s interactions looked prior to the World Cup and then once it began:

Compare that surge – and eventual decline – with their fan growth, which peaked right after their interactions did.

To see more charts like these, try out Socialbakers Analytics for free.
To see more charts like these, try out Socialbakers Analytics for free.

Two things stand out about their performance here. For one, their fan growth did not happen on the same day as their most highly interacted content.

The other important thing to note is that this period of fan growth coincided with their increased post frequency beginning with the World Cup’s approach.

Since June 2nd – 10 days prior to kickoff – Itaú has posted at least once (and often more) every day. On June 2nd, Itaú experienced their top post engagement rate – but their massive fan growth didn’t begin until three days later, on June 5th. Between those dates, on June 4th, they garnered the best raw interaction experienced to date.

This is all to say that their posts on June 4th, while amassing a much lower engagement rate than the June 2nd posts, were much more successful in drawing users to the brand. Take a look at our sharability graph below:

That big spike on June 4th? That’s more than 10,000 people sharing Itaú’s content. Even though Itaú’s absolute interactions returned to Earth after that day, that brief explosion of fan engagement led to a surge in fan growth for the next three days.

That explosion can be accredited to two thing: people seeing the brand’s content through shares (the most valuable type of interaction), and, likely, by having Itaú’s content put into their News Feed with paid promotion.

The three keys to Itaú’s success were increased post frequency, creating content that favored being shared over other forms of interaction, and increasing their paid advertising on Facebook.

Oi Experiences Incredible Growth

Nope, that isn’t a doodle from a game of Snake or someone in our programming department messing with your head. Oi gained 235,413 new fans since the Cup began, almost all in one day – a day the Brazilian men’s team didn’t even play.

Coca-Cola and Oi experienced similar fan growth, even though Coke has about 82 million more fans.
Coca-Cola and Oi experienced similar fan growth, even though Coke has about 82 million more fans.

We don’t know what happened here, because the 7 posts they issued that day actually experienced few interactions. But they did encourage people to tweet selfies and tag them with #oieutonacopa, or ‘I am at the Cup’, which plays off the company’s name – Oi, or ‘I’. Combine an engaging activity like asking for selfies with a country in the thrall of the World Cup? Sounds like one way to get 235,413 new fans.

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