How to Stay on top of the Social Conversation

With Socialbakers Listening, you can learn all about the connections that define social audiences and their preferences.

How to Stay on top of the Social Conversation

Are Mad Men and The Big Bang Theory similar? How close is Castle to Fargo? What is similar to the House of Cards series? Ask “enough” people in person and you will definitely find the answers, but doing it this way takes a lot of time and could be very expensive. What’s more, people tend to suppress socially-unacceptable facts in a survey, so you may miss important features.

It’s better to observe the real behavior of fans of those series on Facebook, by evaluating how active they are on particular Pages. Using Socialbakers Listening, we undertake this analysis to determine brand positioning in the market. The more users who like posts on two fan pages, the closer those two brands are on Facebook. We take size of page into account, of course, as well as the number of all Facebook users in United States (or relevant market). We will publish more details in a technical white paper in the near future.

In this example, we selected 35 fanpages of TV series’ and calculated the intersections of fans among them across one week. In total, we analyzed the interactions of more than 4.5 million users. Here is the result:

Each dot represents the Facebook Page of a TV series. The series that are connected with a gray line are very close to each other, based on the sharing of the active fans. The colour of the dots denote similar groups – identified by a clustering algorithm. For example, the light green cluster at the top represent “violent” shows, which have some explicit crime and sexual components. Californication, Dexter and True Blood are in this group, even though True Blood and Californication are not interconnected.

The important component of the analysis is the naming or classification of the clusters. That’s where our analysts come in.

Below is our classification of the TV shows:

Now try to imagine the same map, extended with brands advertising as a particular show is airing, or an event has begun. If you know how close different brands are, you can identify competitors and similar products and find unique aspects of brands in certain clusters – you will be able to optimize your strategy, better-target your campaigns, and you may discover some new leads you may not have known about.

So, with regards to the original question at the very beginning: Mad Men and The Big Bang Theory are quite distant, as well as Castle and Fargo. But Castle and The Big Bang Theory are close because both of the shows are pretty standard sitcoms. And, if you like House of Cards, you will probably like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.

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