Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

Socialbakers recently acquired the market-leading analytics tool for the Facebook News Feed algorithm, EdgeRank Checker. It provides an incredibly detailed look into how to conquer one of the most enigmatic parts of working in social media marketing today.

Get More from the News Feed with EdgeRank Checker

If you work in social marketing, chances are you’ve found yourself frustrated at how much harder it seems to have gotten to reach your Facebook fans. Getting high organic reach depends on how engaging your posts are – which means that now more than ever, you need in-depth analysis and recommendations in order to make your posts appeal to both your page’s visitors and to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

Luckily, there’s EdgeRank Checker. It provides a thorough analysis of your post performance and helps you determine how to optimize our post strategy for maximal organic reach.

As Socialbakers begins integrating EdgeRank Checker into Socialbakers Analytics you’ll want to know more about how EdgeRank Checker works and how you can make the most of its many useful features. Here, we’ll walk through the value it will add to your social strategy.

What is EdgeRank & News Feed optimization?

EdgeRank is the original (unofficial) name of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm that governs what is displayed where on the News Feed. It’s the end result for how Facebook deals with your page in the News Feed.

It basically considers three factors in how it displays any “Edge” (now “Factor”), or any action that happens on Facebook: Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay.

Part of EdgeRank is determined by how much of an affinity users have for brands, based on the number of interactions that user has had with a brand’s content. Another piece of the puzzle weighs the kind of Edge that occurred between user and brand. Interactions that require more effort on the behalf of the user tend to be valued higher. So, the more highly-weighted a certain brand becomes for a specific user, the more likely it is that the brand’s post will appear on their timeline. Of course, the most recent posts are always given precedence over older ones.

Using EdgeRank Checker to Increase Reach

Reach is – now more than ever – dependant on the quality of the content you publish. Highly-engaging content will garner more organic reach, and content that is boosted to the right (engaged) audiences will get the most out of its paid reach. EdgeRank Checker not only provides in-depth summaries of post performance, it uses automatic tags to explain what performed best, why they did, and how your performance might improve.

Socialbakers and EdgeRank Checker, Better Together

Using EdgeRank Checker’s great ability to identify factors in posts with particularly low or high reach, and Socialbakers ability to put those factors into a larger context, Socialbakers users can now get a complete picture of how their pages and content strategy are working, and why. Taken together, the in-depth information from EdgeRank Checker about your administered pages and the picture Socialbakers Analytics paints about how you compare to the competition give you the most thorough understanding of your social media performance available today.

But in order to use EdgeRank Checker as best as possible, you must understand its tools. Let’s take a look at two of the most essential ones.

The EdgeRank Score

The EdgeRank Score considers several factors that go into successfully reaching your fans with organic content. How you succeed with these factors determines how Facebook distributes your content. While technically unlimited, scores generally range from 1–99 (20 is about average).

Posting Recommendations

One of EdgeRank Checker’s most valuable features is its Posting Recommendation section. After examining the relationships between post frequency, reach, and engagement in posts published by your administered pages, it makes easy-to-understand recommendations for increasing your post effectiveness.

EdgeRank Checker automatically breaks posts down into tags. It then makes recommendations about what to avoid and what they might want to write more about to achieve a certain KPI.

EdgeRank Checker Content Landscape & Monocle

In the Content Landscape section, you can see how new content is popping up and disappearing; it’s kind of like zooming in on a galaxy map. With the Monocle feature, you can check what is happening across your social media universe (and, of course, that of your competitors) in real-time. This key to understanding how different content is treated by the algorithm, and how best to optimize your campaigns – A very practical feature for feature-hungry marketers.

EdgeRank Checker's Monocle feature
EdgeRank Checker’s Monocle feature

Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab sums it up best: “Combining EdgeRank Checker with Socialbakers Analytics gives social marketers an unprecedented level of actionable insights.”

More to Come

There’s plenty more where this came from.

We encourage you to explore EdgeRank Checker, and to familiarize yourself with the ideas behind it during your free two-week trial of Socialbakers Analytics. This offer won’t be around forever, so make sure to check it out soon!

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