Socially Devoted Q2 in Asia-Pacific: Good, But Still a Long Way to Go in Social Customer Care

The entire JAPAC (Japan, Asia-Pacific) region has reached an average Question Response Rate (QRR) of 65% on Facebook, making Social Devotion the bottom line. On both Facebook and Twitter, JAPAC brands offered some of the world’s best social customer care in Q2.

Socially Devoted Q2 in Asia-Pacific: Good, But Still a Long Way to Go in Social Customer Care

Of the 7,927 brands we monitored on Facebook for Socially Devoted in the JAPAC region, only 369 made the grade.

…but those brands performed so well in responding to the massive number of questions they received – as is the case globally, Socially Devoted brands receive far more questions than their non-Socially Devoted counterparts – that they brought the region as a whole up with them.

Only 4.7% of JAPAC brands were Socially Devoted but they received 53% more questions, and responded to 91% of the questions they did receive, compared to only 36% for the non-Socially Devoted brands.

Those awesome conversationalists were among the best brands in the world at social. Halo BCA, an Indonesian bank, was the fastest responder of all the brands we monitored for the Socially Devoted campaign. Their team answered questions in an average of two minutes. You’d think that would mean they had a weaker response rate – how could anyone answer so many questions so quickly? – but they were excellent there as well, with a 95.46% QRR.

Industry Breakdowns

Not every industry was well-represented. The Alcohol and Auto industries didn’t make a dent, and the top 5 industries were the only ones above-average.

Only 29.9% of all JAPAC telecom brands were Socially Devoted, less than the global average of 33.4%. But Airlines, Finance, Retail, and Retail Food were all better-represented.

Telecom brands have a lot to be proud of here; eight of the top 10 brands for social customer care in JAPAC were Telecoms.

JAPAC on Twitter

We also examined the social customer care leaders in each industry on Twitter, as well. Even though JAPAC’s overall presence on Twitter was not Socially Devoted, the brands that did make the grade were extremely competent, averaging a nearly 80% QRR – that’s no small feat on Twitter. To get a feel for how the standard-bearers were doing, we looked at the top performers in every industry. Every other JAPAC brand in their industry is looking up to these guys!

Brands in JAPAC clearly know how to keep their customer base happy, but there are still many improvements to make. We expect big things from the region when we examine its performance for Q3’s Socially Devoted campaign!

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