On Digital Media Cruise Control: Mercedes-Benz Speeds Along

In Q1, we published a report on one of the most active and successful automobile brands on Facebook, Mercedes-Benz. The past report measured their 2013 digital performance - now Q2 2014 results are in!

On Digital Media Cruise Control: Mercedes-Benz Speeds Along

The brand name radiates efficiency, fine German engineering, and luxury crafted in a sleek design.

The former Mercedes-Benz head designer, Paul Bracq, modestly said “I am a champion of the fine art of body design!”; these words uttered so eloquently describe his life’s work and is what separates this automaker from the rest.

They strive for excellence in their craftsmanship, and are now using digital media to communicate this to the world – with a lot of success.

Off the streets and on Facebook, the Benz is dominating as one of the most active automobile brands on the platform. Brands face the challenge of creating content that sparks conversation both among fans and non-fans. Mercedes-Benz is a leader compared to other automotive brands in this extremely competitive area. According to Socialbaker’s data in Q2 2014, they had more interactions than any other car company on Facebook.

When it comes to the top ranking automobile brands and their interactions per 1,000 fans, Mercedes places second to Kia Motors, and 7th globally against all brands measured.

Not only do they outshine their competitors with more interactions than any other automotive brand, but on a global scale, they come in second only to the Discovery Channel, coasting by Disney, MTV, and Harley Davidson. The method: Post a lot (twice the global average), and grow their fan base.

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It’s not just about the frequency of posts; it’s more about creating content that leads to interaction. Their posts not only show pictures of their newest cars but give praise to the people who make them. The content shows off the personality behind the products, giving fans a deeper insight into the brand.

During Q2, the post that provoked the most engagement was a photo quiz. Images of only the interior design were posted and people on Facebook were asked to identify which model it was from the Mercedes AMG series. The post garnered 42,000 interactions – nearly 39,000 Likes, and over 800 comments and 2,100 shares.

In Q2 2014, Mercedes had 50% as many interactions as they had in all of 2013, in part due to their innovative approach in their designs and how they present themselves to their fans. On digital, they are in top gear and on the road to success; they are able to tell their unique story, captivate customers and engage with them in a way that captures brand loyalty.

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