What types of posts work best on Facebook pages?

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What types of posts work best on Facebook pages?

At Socialbakers, we analyze hundreds of thousands of Facebook pages to bring you the best stats out there. What do we do with so much data? For starters, we built Socialbakers and its sections for top brands on Facebook, so you can monitor the top brands, and even suggest if Facebook pages should belong into brands or different local ranks.

Second, we built Socialbakers Engagement Analytics – the best analytics tool out there for Facebook pages, that you can use to analyze what works for you and your competitors.

Thats exactly where we looked to analyze the TOP 100 pages on Facebook, to see what content is being posted, and what works in terms of Engagement Rate. We already explained engagement rate earlier, but its the number of LIKES and COMMENTS divided by the number of FANS – and its an average across all the pages posts. That means the Engagement Rate is much about quality.

First, lets look at the quantity – the number of different post types posted on Facebook pages.

Second, lets look at the quality of the posts (by Engagement Rate):

Its obvious, that the most sent updates – links, are not very engaging and popular among users, and the best is actually to post albums (entire albums, not one photo).

So there you are! You now know the best content types on Facebook pages – but do you know for your own page? Do you know the favorite post types for your competitors? We have that in Socialbakers Engagement Analytics – try it out for a 14-day free trial!

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