Fashion Week: Social Media Stars take to the Catwalk

Yesterday, New York City kicked up its collective heels to launch Fashion Week. This global event will move to London, Milan, and be topped off in Paris in the beginning of October.

Fashion Week: Social Media Stars take to the Catwalk

Socialbakers will be following the key designers and how they engaged with their audience to promote their shows across the social media landscape. It’s the time for designers to show off, and we want to capture how they inspired audiences and expanded new ones with their trend-setting content.

The fashion world thrives in social media marketing; and that’s precisely why we are going to be tracking the runways of Fashion Week across social.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is already dominating on Twitter. They created an incredibly smart yet simple Twitter handle that also incorporated their hashtag #MBFW. On the first day of Fashion Week, they garnered nearly 5,000 Mentions and 2,600 Interactions – their average number of interactions one week leading up to #MBFW was less than 200. They also took to Instagram to give Followers a piece of the action and did a pretty cool countdown three days before of event.

Earlier this year, we did an extensive study on the fashion industry. Social media is a huge marketplace for fashion, and we analyzed just under 3,000 fashion brands on Facebook and about 500 Twitter profiles to come up with the best examples of how to succeed with social marketing in such a competitive space.

Facebook is a huge platform for fashion brands – on average they receive 452 interactions per post, the third highest of any industry on Facebook.

Fashion brands have traditionally seen Twitter as a secondary channel. However, we give insights into how it can be beneficial for customer care and gauging brand awareness and sentiment.

Instagram has turned into the go-to platform for the fashion industry. The focus on the visual has set the platform apart for the fashion world. We looked at over 100 fashion brands and found that the average follower count was over 500,000. The average brand has roughly 92,000 followers on average. The fashion world has found the way to really build a passionate community on Instagram – and that will likely grow several times over in the coming month as Fashion Week tours the world. You can read the whole study here.

Stay tuned – Fashion Week is just getting started, and we’ll have all the insights into which won – and lost – on the catwalk.

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