Inspiration! Top 20 Facebook page status updates

Following up our article on the most favorite post types (check it here!)

Inspiration! Top 20 Facebook page status updates

We have analyzed the status updates of all the pages with above 1 million fans, and have created an overview of the best status updates (text-only udpates) that these pages sent over the period of the last couple months, which you can see below.

What this stat shows is that obviously telling your fans to actually engage with you (click like) is something that converts very well into actions. I would like to add a favorite quote from people I know from the mobile business: “Monkey see, monkey do”. You really tell people simply to click Like if they want pizza, and they will do it.

Also good quotes and some memorable updates are in this mix of top updates.

Should you only post updates like this? We wouldn’t recommend it, but we would definitely recommend adding them in your “post-mix” (love the word).

So there you are! Thanks to Socialbakers you get inspired on the most engaging status updates – analyze that for you and your competitors on a daily basis using our Socialbakers Engagement Analytics – try it out for a 14-day free trial!

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