Welcome to Social Media Week!

Socialbakers is proud to be partnering globally with Social Media Week 2014. As the exclusive insights providers at #SMW14, events around the world, we’ll be offering the complete picture of what’s going on in each city.

Welcome to Social Media Week!

So far, the run-up to the event has revealed a couple of interesting things. #SMW14 mentions have more than doubled today compared to the daily mentions in the past week. If you look at the number of mentions hour-by-hour for different days, you’ll see a 15× growth from last Friday to today, and a 25× growth from the weekend!

Across the globe, conversations about the latest developments in social, driven by #SMW14 panels, will be lighting up the map – and Socialbakers will be tracking them all. We’ll be taking these watershed discussions and using insights from Socialbakers Analytics to see how it all fits together.

Social Insights to Change the World With

Socialbakers’ insights will cover everything, both locally and globally, including:

>> Trending topics. See what’s capturing imaginations; watch as our dynamic heat maps illustrate which topics, speakers, and brands are gaining and waning in real time.

>> Finding the Influencers. Who’s creating the conversation? Whose voice is being amplified?

>> Keyword Analysis. We determine what aspect of each conversation drives the discussions at #SMW14.

>> City competitions. Where will the future of social happen? We’ll be tracking the conversations around #SMWldn, #SMWrme, and every other iteration for each of #SMW14’s 11 host cities.

Early Returns

As of 9am UTC on Monday, 43% of all SMW mentions are for #SMWmumbai, where time differences mean that events are already up and running. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic changes when Western hemisphere cities like LA, Sao Paulo, and London wake up and kick off #SMW14 events.

No matter how small the world gets, people will always be most invested in discussing how innovation affects their communities first. This is just one of the many reasons we are so thrilled to go through all the data from this week, and find out what new developments and ideas excite people in different parts of the world.

Throughout the week, we’ll be updating you here on the Socialbakers.com blog, as well on @Socialbakers. Stay with us to get the edge on all the latest #SMW14 news and data-driven insights.

If you want to learn more about measuring your performance on social, please join the Socialbakers team at #SMW14 in Sydney, London, featuring Socialbakers CEO, @JanRezab, and Sao Paulo (Tuesday) and London & LA (Thursday) and Johannesburg (Friday). We’ll be sharing best practices in selecting and using Social KPIs to optimize your social marketing across content, care, and advertising.

CMO @neil_morgan_uk

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