Social Media Week Buzz Keeps Picking Up

Social Media Week is full of panels and discussions on how to create more engaging content, which Socialbakers furthered by developing the Smart Storyteller benchmark.

Social Media Week Buzz Keeps Picking Up

All over the world, Social Media Week content is exploding. #SMW14 was mentioned over 33,000 times yesterday.

Events in London, Rome, Chicago, Johannesburg, and Los Angeles all experienced massive discussion growth. The buzz was much more spread out – instead of being based in Mumbai, India, people everywhere were talking SMW. But different topics captured attentions in each city.

Los Angeles

Some of the really exciting news was coming out of LA, where, in a city that runs on the Entertainment industry, visual content is the star all week. With everything from workshops with digital filmmakers to lectures on finding success in Instagram video, the focus was clear – and our data says it’s the smart bet, too.

Brands are recognizing the incredible power of great content creators, and beginning to work with these men and women to spice up their brand messaging. Socialbakers applauds brands that focus on posting top-quality, engaging content – it’s exactly what we want to show with Smart Storytellers.

London + Sydney

Video and creator-brand partnerships are also on the ledger in London. With Vanessa Bakewell, Head of Entertainment at Facebook, joining CEOs and Creative Directors at a talk called “Reimagining Entertainment Media: New Video Models for Millennials”, attendees will hear the definitive account of how to reach young audiences with the new suite of digital creators. It will be complemented by a Socialbakers talk on how social media teams can track their engagement using Social Media Command Centers, and visually determine what really works.

The focus isn’t so different in Sydney, but it has a uniquely local flavor. Brands down under are working to create and target content that will specifically appeal to Aussies. Buzzfeed is on hand to talk about how to both determine what exactly the Aussie preference is, and create content that people will love. It has a good base to do so – it’s right there with The Australian newspaper. Including both the Australian segment of BuzzFeed global’s fan base and the fans of Buzzfeed Oz, the social buzz site is on par with the more traditional outlet – 122,000 fans to 125,000.

Other Cities

In Rome, the talk was all about integrating old-style business with modern content forms and trends. In Mumbai, where social media professionals often work with startups competing in a geographically huge and heavily populated nation with a growing tourism industry, the concentration is about standing out in both tourism and startup culture using innovative social tactics.

All over the world, the story is the same (but a little different) – in any industry, reaching people is the most important goal no matter what your business objectives are. As content creators and brands find a way to grow together through SMW events, Socialbakers will be tracking Smart Storytellers, finding the brands that are truly putting content first.

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