Driving the Conversation at Social Media Week

Rome, London, Chicago, L.A., Mumbai: What are the five biggest cities on Social Media Week's agenda talking about as the worldwide event passes its halfway point?

Driving the Conversation at Social Media Week

The talk around #SMW14’s five biggest cities has shown to be an interesting reflection of what’s on innovative social media professionals’ minds.

Here’s an illustrative word cloud that shows the most-discussed keywords in posts tagged with #smwldn.

Socialbakers’ was the third-most included brand term yesterday. London’s on to something!
Socialbakers’ was the third-most included brand term yesterday. London’s on to something!

Today in London, we hosted a discussion with Boohoo.com, We Are Social, and Vodafone that centered around how brands identify, measure, and drive their KPIs on social. Socialbakers also hosted talks by CEO Jan Rezab, CMO Neil Morgan to show how brands can get started on the path to better measurement and, ultimately, better social customer care and storytelling.

Socialbakers unveiled the Smart Storytellers benchmark this week, and in London highlighted some brands that already excel (or are on their way) to producing highly-engaging content, consistently.


L.A. and Chicago show two sides of the same coin. In Chicago, attendees were focused on written communications. Buzzfeed was one of the most popular brand speakers, and terms like B2B, Words, and Content were in everyone’s tweets. One hot-button discussion was hosted by Socialbakers client Leo Burnett Chicago, called “Words Matter. Choose them Wisely.” It was a big hit, playing on words’ power in social marketing, and how rarely marketers use them wisely (compared to how often words are just….words). It’s something we are all too aware of at Socialbakers, and even poke a bit of fun at on Twitter. Other Socialbakers clients like Vodafone and BBC in London also touched on this topic.


In Mumbai, keyword analysis reveals an interesting phenomenon – social isn’t being looked at as an end unto itself, or even just as a means for businesses to increase revenue; it’s being talked about as a way to reach people. In India more than anywhere else at #SMW14, people talk about social change first, and then social media as something that can help achieve it.

Taken from 7,703 Tweets tagged #SMWmumbai on 9/24

*Taken from 7,703 Tweets tagged #SMWmumbai on 9/24.

At Socialbakers, we believe that social media is about people, and using it correctly is about effective engagement. Nowhere embodies that more than #smwmumbai.

See what’s going in real time at #SMW14 on Instagram around the world with our exclusive heat maps.

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