Updating How We Measure Question Response Rate on Twitter

We heard the great feedback about how Socially Devoted works on Twitter, and so are implementing some big changes to help you better gauge your engagement.

Updating How We Measure Question Response Rate on Twitter

On our last client survey, many of you asked very good questions about how we calculate Question Response Rates for our Socially Devoted benchmark. We listened to you, our main source for feedback and changes – and are pleased to announce an update we think will make Socialbakers users very happy.

Whereas previously, we only included mentions that began a Tweet, now any mention anywhere in the Tweet is counted. This new formula will exclude Retweets, as they are counted separately. The results make Socially Devoted for Twitter even more accessible and accurate than ever before.

This change will be effective as of October 1st. We strongly believe that it will show a truer reflection of your brand’s social care performance. All of the data collected before October 1st will still be processed with the old formula. The new formula will apply to data taken from the 1st, on.

The Socially Devoted reports for Q3 will also be calculated according to the old formulas – the change will be effective in the Q4 results.

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