FMCG Smart Storytellers & Tasty Tips

Crafting a content strategy is the first challenge brands face on social; the second is monitoring their performance to improve. Socialbakers has cleverly designed the Smart Storytellers to lessen those difficulties.

FMCG Smart Storytellers & Tasty Tips

The new benchmark accurately measures content performance by industry and page size, and is calculated by the number of Average Post Interactions in relation to post frequency. In short – it helps brands effectively assess their position on social. Every quarter we will recognize Smart Storytellers benchmark in three different page size categories that perform in the top 25% against the competition.

Here, we take a look at the top storytellers in the FMCG vertical for Q3 and made a few recommendations.

Bite-sizable Strategies

Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, and Chicken Soup for the Soul are in the lead.

Pillsbury experienced a high level of interactions and posted quite frequently. They are doing some unique things to engage with their users such as promoting posts from food bloggers that include Pillsbury products in their recipes. In fact, Pillsbury promoted a recipe from a blog that represents one of their targeted demographics – this post had over 349,000 interactions – the largest volume of interactions in Q3.

Betty Crocker is garnering the most interactions and would benefit from posting more often to improve their brand awareness further. In Q3 alone they gained more than 79,800 new followers. They delight their Fans with ordinary recipes in a fun way – they received nearly 109,000 Interactions with their Fruity Flip Flop post to kick off summer; they also cleverly linked it to Pinterest for users to pin it and connect them to their official website.

Do you remember those inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul books? They have expanded – a lot – to produce everything from actual soup to trail mix. They’ve excelled at transforming their personality and core values into the content they share with Fans. Chicken Soup for the Soul posts more than other FMCG Smart Storytellers, yet they have a medium level of interactions. They could benefit from looking at ideal posting times and their most-effective posts to replicate them and increase interactions; doing so will help them determine the right formula for creating a superior content strategy. Their top performing post released their app featuring stories from their books, recipes, and quotes – it gained over 17,300 interactions.

Take a look at Nestlé Brazil and Grupo Bimbo – they are local pages giving global brands a run for their money. Nestlé’s local success is the result of building a smart marketing strategy

around data-driven insights, like those displayed in their custom built Social Media Command Center, and their Digital Acceleration Team training program for social marketers. Learn more about the story behind Nestlé’s path to digital success here.

Splenda is poised to break out from the cluster of brands, located in the left hand corner, by making strides to differentiate itself. They do this by sharing recipes from other channels like Tumblr allowing for creativity, and – maybe more importantly – letting them categorize the content to reach specific audiences, as well as weaving their official website into posts for increasing traffic to their site. Similar to Pillsbury, they encourage Fans to submit recipes with Splenda in their ingredients and feature them in their content; this also helps bring unique users from Facebook to their site. It does help to increase interactions- a praline recipe inspired from a food blogger gained over 11, 200 interactions!

The Takeaway

In order for brands to enhance their social media performance, they need to know what to monitor so they can analyze which content is resonating with their audience and change their strategy accordingly. The Smart Storytellers benchmark provides brands the ability to gauge how they perform as a whole in their industry.

However, there is not a one-size-fits-all strategy and it depends on the industry the brand occupies. For FMCGs, their content is dedicated mostly to increasing brand awareness and growing their audience.

Here are some ways to do this:

Post content that reflects the personality of the brand with a unifying theme like family and food for Chicken Soup for the Soul, find creative ways to present the products in a beautiful way like Splenda’s Tumblr account, and interact with communities and feature food bloggers that make up a target audience like Pillsbury.

Smart Storytellers is a great benchmark for measuring your performance against your industry. If you want to get some deeper insights to drive smarter social marketing, try a free Socialbakers Analytics trial today!

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