Socialbakers Exclusive Launch: Promoted Post Detection is here!

For years, we thought there was no way to deeply understand the strategy behind every post. But we think we’ve found a solution. Today, we’re releasing a new feature we’re calling Promoted Post Detection into our Socialbakers Marketing and Advertising Suite.

Socialbakers Exclusive Launch: Promoted Post Detection is here!

Social envy. We’ve all had it. Seeing a competitor’s post go viral on Facebook makes you wonder just how they made it happen. Was it their content? The compelling Share text that went with it? Or just their massive fan base? Maybe, you think, they were giving it a push somehow, using their huge ad budget to artificially boost that post. But how can you be sure? Snoop on them? Hire their people? Call their ad agency?

Using Socialbakers Social Media Analytics, our R&D Team was able to look at over 250,000 public posts’ public interactions and compare them to previously analyzed posts, in order to determine if each post was boosted or not. This data included a massive range of Page types – from every industry, and with anywhere from 1,000 to 1,000,000 Fans. We cross-tested this with pages we knew definitely were or were not boosted, and saw our tests come back correct with at least 90% accuracy.

It’s some of the most exciting work we’ve ever done. With Promoted Post Detection, we’ve created a feature that enables marketers to gain unprecedented insights into their industries’ social media advertising strategies, allowing them to better optimize their advertising strategy.

For every social media manager who ever needed to make their case for an increased social media budget – this is for you.

For every agency that has tried to explain how their strategy works and push a client to put more money behind their Posts like a successful top competitor – this is for you.

To demonstrate how this concept works in action, we are sharing an example from Orange, a Socialbakers’ client and speaker at #Engage2014. Orange is a leading French Telecommunications provider serving more than 230 million customers worldwide. Due to the sensitivity of releasing these boosting strategies, we’ve anonymized the names of their two direct competitors in the French market. The numbers, however, haven’t been manipulated. Of course, in Socialbakers Analytics you will be able to see the names of the competitors and performance of those you choose to monitor.

You can see in the graph below that Orange boosted fewer than 30% of its Posts, but those drove more than 75% of their total Interactions. Hats off to Orange! They are boosting the right Posts – those that bring them the largest volume of Interactions.

In comparison, Competitor 2 is boosting over 80% of their Posts, but is garnering only 65% of Interactions for paid posts. Competitor 2 doesn’t really seem to be promoting the right Posts. If you look at their organic Posts, which are about 20% of the total, they are only driving 35% of Interactions. They could benefit from analyzing their best performing Posts to find a common pattern for success, and start putting their budget to a better use by boosting these Posts. Competitor 1 should follow suit, as they are boosting over 60% of their Posts and are only gaining a little more than half of their Total Interactions from them.

Ultimately, brands should seek to promote the Posts that will best amplify the impact of both their Paid and Organic reach, and optimize their boosting strategy.

The Socialbakers Promoted Post Detection feature gives brands exclusive insights into their competitors’ post-boosting strategies on Facebook. This is essential information for anyone looking for competitive context to help drive their social ad strategy in the right way. For now, Promoted Post Detection will be available for Socialbakers clients as an additionally licensed feature, followed by full integration with the Socialbakers Marketing Suite in 2015.

Lastly but certainly not least, I’d like to give a big hand to my colleagues at Socialbakers who conceived and developed this groundbreaking feature!

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

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