Socially Devoted Q3: Customer Care Goes Social

The Socially Devoted results for Q3 are in. While there are fewer Socially Devoted brands than a year ago, the gap in performance between the Socially Devoted and the brands that are not focused on social customer care has continued to grow. Good social customer care pays dividends, and brands need to start putting our recommendations to practice.

Socially Devoted Q3: Customer Care Goes Social

10% of brands get asked 65% of all questions

Our research, based on data from Socialbakers Analytics, shows that Socially Devoted brands get 3.5 times more Interactions on Facebook and nearly 5 times more user replies on Twitter. While this is already a triumph, it doesn’t stop there. Socially Devoted Pages account for just a little over 8% of all the pages we monitor, but they received 65% of questions asked of all brands in the last quarter, compared to 56% last year.

Moreover, Socially Devoted brands now answer 81% of all user questions addressed to SD Pages on both Twitter and Facebook, compared to 74% last year.

In order to reap the benefits that being Socially Devoted provides, a brand needs to first know which metrics to monitor, and then do so on a regular basis. Another consideration would be to employ a tool that allows marketers to monitor incoming questions, respond to all questions on different platforms in one place, and keep track of sentiment while doing so. Both of these would help brands become Socially Devoted.

Is your brand Socially Devoted?

Socialbakers client TUI Travel is a perfect example to follow for brands starting to focus on social care. With 220 travel brands in 180 markets, it was difficult for Europe’s leisure travel leader to get everyone on the same page, on message, and – more than anything – in a position to provide meaningful care for travelers on social.

They turned things around, put the focus on social care, started using deep analytics to adjust their social strategy, and got results. After just a few short months, TUI saw their response rate climb from the mid-50s into the 90s – they are answering their Fans and it’s working.

Read (and watch) their story.

Telecom leads the verticals race for Socially Devoted Q3

Not all industries are adapting to the growing demand for social customer care at the same rate, and, while certain verticals have their customer care stars, most have a long ways to go. Telecoms are better than the others in terms of adopting Socially Devoted levels of care, and they dominate demand, receiving about 3 times as many questions as the next vertical on both Facebook and Twitter.

What can other industries learn from their success? Respond. Respond well and respond fast. Telecoms respond to a large majority of questions and their QRR for both Twitter and Facebook is well above the average for both platforms. Also, the Telecoms industry has an average response time that is well within the ideal response time for Socially Devoted Pages.

Although Telecom companies lead Social Care adoption on both Facebook and Twitter, just under a quarter of all Telecom Pages on Facebook still have closed walls. This means that the data is skewed by the few frontrunners in this industry to create those outstanding Socially Devoted results, while still a quarter of Telecom industries are missing out on connecting to their fans.

Your Audience is Asking, Are You Answering?

In the past year, social care demand on Twitter has doubled from 1.5 million questions to over 3 million.

Although there is some growth of QRR in the top industries for both Facebook and Twitter, just in the past quarter the average response time for Facebook shot up from 24 to 33 hours. Clearly, the trend for social customer care is not a fading one and there are still problems for brands to overcome. As demand only grows, we urge brands to employ the use of monitoring and community management tools like Socialbakers Builder and Analytics to maximize social customer service efforts.

Socially Devoted: A Persistent Struggle

Although there is much to celebrate for Socially Devoted brands, the overall picture is not as uplifting. The general Question Response Time for all Facebook brands increased by 9 hours on average from Q2, despite the fact that demand has increased only nominally. And all Twitter brands are down 11% for the general Question Response Rate this quarter.

Check out whether your brand is Socially Devoted and find out how you can reach the same kind of success. Or try out Socialbakers Analytics and Builder for free now to learn how to be Socially Devoted.

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