How to Optimize Paid and Organic on Facebook

The News Feed is as competitive as ever, having strong paid and organic content strategy has never been more important for marketers on Facebook®. Here are some tips on how to get the most of your content and your ad budget.

How to Optimize Paid and Organic on Facebook

For the first time, Socialbakers is offering brands a way to identify the percentage of posts their competition is boosting and how it resonates with their audience. Marketers will finally gain a better understanding of their competitors’ content strategy with Promoted Post Detection.

Socialbakers continuously strives to set the industry standard for social media success in every category – social customer care, content intelligence, and now Promoted Post Detection, a tool that identifies Paid and Organic content with at least 90% accuracy.

We analyzed more than 1,700 Smart Storytellers with Promoted Post Detection to get a view into how effective social storytellers are using Paid and Organic on Facebook.

Smart Storytellers are a perfect sample to pull from – they outperform 75% of the competition in terms of Interactions per Post, come from all types of industries, are both global and local pages, and range in page size: fewer than 100,000 fans, 100,000 to 500,000 fans, and Pages with 500,000+ fans. To learn more about Smart Storytellers, click here.

Applying the Promoted Post Detection to Smart Storytellers gave a deeper understanding of what makes an award-winning social content strategy.

In the graph above, you can see that 60% of these Smart Storytellers promote less than 10% of their content, which is only bringing them roughly 20% of their Total Interactions. Conversely, in the upper-right hand corner, two brands are boosting almost 100% of their posts, which is garnering almost 100% of their interactions.

The objective is to be in the “Extremely Beneficial Paid Posts” area – as this region on the graph represents the most “bang for the buck” with your boosting spend. For now, to optimize a content strategy and make the most of an ad budget, brands should only boost the Posts that are sure to gain a high amount of interactions. Eventually, all ads will be social and all social ads will be native – we are seeing the beginnings of that now. Paid content helps to amplify a message to the intended target groups and be seen by huge audience.

In practice, finding an effective balance is “trial and error” and replicating what works. For example, you do not want to be the brand that is boosting roughly 25% of its posts and receiving hardly any interactions. This brand could benefit from analyzing their top performing content and compare those with promoted posts to find the discrepancies; clearly they are boosting the wrong messages.

Remember, it’s important to create content people want to interact with naturally – Facebook favors this well. They want to keep the News Feed as interesting as possible for people, and effectively show the right content to the target groups at the right times. So, the better your content, the better your chances of getting seen. So invest your money where it counts and where you think it will bring a high volume of interactions.

The Takeaway

When social media managers plan their content strategy for Facebook, they should do two things; first, look to the best for inspiration; second compare it with their strategy. Benchmarking is a crucial element for defining success and gaining a competitive advantage where others fall short. Social analytics have enabled marketers to analyze the patterns of their most engaging content. Socialbakers has gone one step further by providing competitive intelligence to do smarter social marketing – brands can get a better understanding of their competitors’ content strategy. However, one crucial element was missing – Paid vs. Organic advertising, and we’ve developed it with the Promoted Post Detector.

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