Socially Devoted Q3: Demand for Social Customer Care on Twitter Doubles in the Past Year

Around this time last year, demand on Facebook and Twitter stood at about the same number: 1.5 million user posts to brand pages. Fast forward to now and the situation has changed significantly. In Q3, about 3.2 million questions were asked of brands on Twitter - double the amount from last year and double the amount of questions asked on Facebook.

Socially Devoted Q3: Demand for Social Customer Care on Twitter Doubles in the Past Year

How are brands coping with the increase?

Unfortunately, the gap between answered and unanswered questions on Twitter is still wide – brands are answering about 40% of all questions compared to nearly 70% on Facebook. Demand has grown for Twitter, but response hasn’t grown in tandem.

There’s no doubt that monitoring and responding effectively on Twitter can be more difficult, but it’s hardly impossible. Brands need to get their teams the right tools – like Socialbakers Community Management and Social Media Analytics – to keep track of the conversations, assign responses, and monitor the right KPIs.

A Faster Response to Fewer Questions

One bright spot on Twitter is that the average Question Response Time (QRT) for all brands has dropped from 16 hours to 9 hours quarter-to-quarter. The bad news is that the average Question Response Rate (QRR) has also dropped to only 40%. Statistically, this means that a user might get a relatively quick response on Twitter, but that’s only if they get a response at all.

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Differences by Vertical

The most Socially Devoted Industry this quarter is Telecom. As with Q2, they get at least 3 times more questions on Twitter than other verticals and top the charts in terms of social care adoption. They encourage clients to ask them questions, and get impressive results.

The differences in QRT and QRR between industries were not great: Services posted the highest QRR at 56%, and the Gambling industry was fastest to respond, with a rather impressive 4 hours 40 minutes average QRT (but with relatively little demand).

The least-responsive industry was Software; brands in this category answered fewer than 18% of questions addressed to them! Maybe even worse, Household Goods both took the longest of any industry to answer questions in Q3, and also had a 0% social care adoption rate. These numbers do not mean some brands do not excel – @MicrosoftHelps had a QRR of 53% in Q3. Exceeding an industry average by so much shows that Microsoft has a smart social care team and attentively measures their results.

Differences by Country

Benchmarking your Socially Devoted results by region can also shed some light on your performance. In Q3, brands in the UK got the most questions on Twitter, and while they responded quickly, they still left nearly 48% of all questions unanswered. That’s not a very Socially Devoted result.

As social care becomes the norm on Twitter, the time has come for brands to take notice. Answering 40% of questions is just not good enough. The fact that the amount of questions posed to brands on Twitter is currently double that on Facebook and double what it was last year should definitely serve as a wake-up call to those who still do not invest in customer care on Twitter.

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