How Local Facebook Pages Can Drive Global Business

A Socialbakers study shows that Local Pages are the best bet for gaining interactions, beating out Global Pages by a wide margin with better localized content. Local Pages are also able to deliver more content and have a higher promotion efficiency.

How Local Facebook Pages Can Drive Global Business

Our new data reveals that Local Pages consistently rack up many more (and more valuable) Interactions than Global Pages.

We measured over 800 Global and 5,000 Local Pages, and found that Interactions per 1,000 Fans are higher at every page size for Local Pages.

The value of posting on Local Pages increased as the Fan base grew. The smallest Local Pages took on 107% more Interactions than Global Pages in the same size range. Middle-sized Local Pages outperformed their Global equivalents by 169%. For the largest Pages, Local Pages gained 346% more Interactions than Global Pages did.


We examined some of the largest global brands to test this information on a case-by-case level.

In KFC’s case, their Global Page posted less frequently than all but 2 Local Pages, but still gained more interactions than all but 5 of the Local Pages. But its Interactions per 1,000 Fans still paled compared to the average local page. For Nivea and Visa, every Local Page posted more and got more interactions than the Global Pages.

Illustrating Local Pages’ efficacy even better are KitKat and Nissan.

KitKat posted nearly as much on their Global Page as they did on average on each of their Local Pages. But they only took on 1.4 Interactions per 1,000 Fans there, while getting 132.7 Interactions per 1,000 Fans on average on their Local Pages.

To find out how KitKat use Socialbakers Analytics:

Nissan posted more on their Global Page than they did on the average Local Page – and still got only 3 Interactions per 1,000 Fans there, as opposed to 276 Interactions per 1,000 Fans on average on their Local Pages.

Testing Local Pages’ Better Fan Reach with Promoted Post Detection

The brands we examined promoted almost the same number of posts from their Global and from their Local Pages, about 13%. But Post Interactions on Local Pages were almost 60% from Promoted Posts. This means that Local Pages are getting more efficient promotion – usually because they know their audiences better, and can target their content more precisely.

To see how effectively your competitors and you are using Post promotion, contact us. We’ll walk you through our Promoted Post Detection process, and help you optimize your social marketing.

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