Global vs. Local, Paid vs. Organic: What Works on Facebook?

Some brands have embraced both Global and local Pages on Facebook®; others have shied away from them. Our data shows that there are benefits to utilizing both types of Pages, but local Pages really seem to be a great way to efficiently engage your audience

Global vs. Local, Paid vs. Organic: What Works on Facebook?

A commonly held view is that local brands, especially in emerging markets, perform worse in many respects because of having thinner wallets, smaller teams, and regional focuses that can differ from their global counterparts. Just how effective are they in using their ad budget to help boost their most compelling content? We analyzed over 1,700 Smart Storytellers with our Promoted Post Detection feature to get a picture of the best Paid and Organic tactics on Facebook.

First, we looked at boosting strategies by vertical; they consist of global and local Pages, and vary in size: Pages with 500,000+ fans, 100,000 to 500,000 fans, and those with fewer than 100,000 fans.

Next, we analyzed the Electronics industry and two well-known brands’ Facebook Pages to see if local brand Pages’ post-boosting strategies outperformed their brands’ global Page. We have anonymized the names of these brands in the visualization below, due to the sensitive content of these numbers.

Here we can see that global competitors mostly have an organic strategy. Global Competitor Y, with 500,000+ fans, is boosting less than 5% of their posts, with poor results – only 2% of their Total Interactions come from paid posts. Global Competitor X has the same Page size and is boosting almost 2× more and received a similar outcome.

Local Pages: Efficient and Effective

These results are in stark contrast to their local Pages, which are doing much better with their paid strategies. Competitor X’s India Page is in the lead – however, it has the same-size fan base as its Global Page, and is boosting more than the other local Pages. This strategy has effectively brought them more than 70% of their Total Interactions.

Competitor Y’s Thailand Page, with fewer than 500,000 fans, is boosting less than 4% of their posts – but gaining over 50% of their Total Interactions from those few posts. They seem to only be promoting the posts that they believe will get a high amount of engagement, which means they are analyzing their data intelligently. Competitor X’s Malaysia Page is boosting just a bit more and receiving nearly the same outcome. Competitor Y’s South Africa Page has the smallest Page size and boosts posts only 14% of the time, gaining just under 40% of their Total Interactions from these posts – a middling number. Our data clearly suggests that local Pages in emerging markets are promoting more effectively than their Global counterparts.

The Takeaway

Global Pages offer one centralized news source for fans about the brand. They most likely have a larger budget than local Pages so they can boost more, and possibly reach more people the world over because of their large fan base. In contrast, local Pages offer different advantages over Global Pages – one aspect is their ability to raise brand awareness about the brand in specific target audiences more effectively. Local Pages enable brands to communicate and interact with fans in their language, inform them of local offers and news in their communities, and enhance their image if they are devoted to corporate social responsibility at the community level.

Local Pages generally have a higher amount of Interactions relative to fans, and our data shows that local Pages have a better post-boosting strategy than global Pages. Global brands could benefit from using Promoted Post Detection and defining their success against the competition to enhance their strategies.

With our new solution, you can benchmark against the competition’s paid strategy with 90% accuracy. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to maximize your return on social.

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