MOvember Grows Bigger on Social

Socialbakers' own Bob Gearing talks about why he began growing out his mustache each November, and how social can change the course of fundraising.

MOvember Grows Bigger on Social

I’m proud to say this is my 4th year doing “Movember”…

…and every year I find myself getting more and more involved. For those of you who don’t know what Movember is, it’s a challenge for men to grow mustaches during the month of November in order to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, like cancer. Even further, it’s a real-life example of the power of social media to promote and spread information about a strong cause.

I started learning about the concept in 2011. Immediately, I was interested. My crew of friends has a knack for always taking things over the top, and Movember was definitely something we wanted to participate in. We’ve all had diseases like cancer affect us in different ways and felt this was an awesome opportunity to help raise awareness for all those still fighting and a great way to honor the memory of the ones we’d all lost.

Our experience has been nothing but phenomenal. Each year, we’ve added new members to our fundraising team, we’ve grown some absurd (both good and bad) mustaches, and perhaps most importantly, we’ve raised more and more money annually for a great cause. In 2011, we were Mo-rookies and raised a mere $796 in total. In 2012, we nearly quadrupled that at $$2,816. And in 2013 – our best year yet – we reached $4,236.

So, how’d we do it? Beautiful faces, amazing lip sweaters, and social media. We encouraged our friends to support us in a variety of different ways – some joined our team and participated, some donated money, and some even helped us draw attention to the cause by snapping a quick, ridiculous picture of themselves, their significant others, or even their babies rocking a fake mustache. It all helped! Through social media, we were able to reach our entire network of friends, family, and followers with one click – and it allowed us to share our progress during Movember too. Fundraising has always been a tough task, but Movember’s success on social media has totally changed the game!

What started out as a funny way for my crew of friends to raise money for a great cause and build awareness around a terrible disease has ultimately “grown” into something we count down to, year after year. To join in on the fun and support the cause, find me this Movember in NYC; I never leave home without a pocket of fake mustaches for those who can’t grow one!

If you’d like, we’d love to have you join our team, which you can do here – JOIN OUR TEAM – WEEKLY WRECK! Thank you in advance for your donations and for supporting the cause!

You can follow my progress & make any donations here.

Director, Strategic Mustachioed Accounts

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