The Story Behind the New Socialbakers

As part of Socialbakers’ complete design overhaul, we created a new logo. Simple, fluid, and clean, it’s everything we aspire to be for marketers.

The Story Behind the New Socialbakers

When Socialbakers first launched, we had an idea of what smarter social marketing could do for social marketers – but that meant first building up an incredible User Experience and functionality in our products before presenting that idea like we wanted to.

That’s why this site redesign you’re enjoying today isn’t just about seeing a nicer-looking page. It’s about taking the idea behind Socialbakers – that marketers need a place to simplify incredibly complicated concepts – and making it a reality.

This isn’t a redesign – it’s what we’ve been all along.

Our Mission is to become the industry standard for the way social media is measured and optimized. It’s always been. That’s why we’ve had a massive team, including dozens of designers, UX specialists, and front-end developers work for more than a year to make sure it is perfect. No marketer should encounter one of our pages and not immediately see the connection between our work and theirs. We make social marketing a simpler business.

Our CEO Jan Rezab says it best:

At, everything complicated gets broken down in an understandable way. It’s something you won’t see anywhere else, and something I’m incredibly proud of. We’ve found our own way – and it works.

Head of North American Marketing

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