The Best of Facebook & Instagram on Christmas

Happy Holidays, everyone! Whether or not you’re having a white winter, chances are you’re eager to see how your brand and your competitors did with shoppers on the holiday. In true Socialbakers fashion, we’ve decided to sit by the fire with a glass of eggnog and sort through the presents brands left on Facebook and Instagram.

The Best of Facebook & Instagram on Christmas


Fans from all over the world responded to brand Posts on December 24th and 25th. According to Socialbakers data, 5 of the top 10 Posts from those days, ranked by the total number of interactions they’ve received, were written for non-English speakers.

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Auto Fans were also busy engaging with their favorite brands throughout both days – Fiat, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Jaguar had some of the most engaging Posts. Each featured the brand’s focal product in seasonal or holiday scenes. They were all met with, among other things, a flurry of Fans showing off their own Fiats, BMWs, Mercedes-Benzs, and Jaguars. The top Posts from those brands tallied a total of over 231,000 Interactions in just two days!

While Celebrities got excellent engagement just posting pictures of themselves and family, media outlets from around the U.S. saw national exposure with feel-good holiday Posts. ABC used a smart spoke-and-hub strategy to spread stories from its affiliates through its network, and then share the best story nationally. Its success led to 3 of the most engaging Media posts from Christmas – all from one great story, about newborns being swaddled in stockings. It ended up appearing virally on News Feeds around the country and the world.

With the year on Facebook pretty much in the books, let’s head over to see how Instagram wrapped up its biggest year yet.


On Instagram, brands took the opportunity to showcase how well their products fit into a winter wonderland.

Instagram powerhouses GoPro, Victoria Secret, and Nike published Posts that each gained well over 200,000 Interactions. Here are some of the best:

Nike’s newest football, a competitor to Adidas’ Brazuca, looks essential to the winter, dispelling any ideas that football is a summer sport only. They used a non-hastagged tagline: “Football is a Gift.” This also furthers their general messaging – that Nike is the athletics brand for tough people who don’t give up.
Starbucks shows off their new #ChestnutPraline latte by adapting a Christmas icon to their brand.
GoPro is for water skiers AND Santa!

Getting Value from the Holiday

The best posts all took a visual quality associated with the season, and worked their brand or products into it. The combination was a surefire recipe for holiday cheer.

But brands that can’t work their message into a “Happy Holidays” post don’t need to force it – no one will miss a post that doesn’t add to the conversation around busy trends. It’s always better to add value to a topic than to participate just to say you did.

Another good holiday trend you should know for Instagram: The top 5 most used Hashtags on Christmas were:

  1. #Christmas
  2. #HappyHolidays
  3. #MerryChristmas
  4. #Holiday
  5. #ChristmasEve
The most common holiday search terms on Instagram.

As mobile social use grows, more people stay on social while on holiday. That means that now, more than ever, there is more value to be had in marketing during the holiday break – making it a very happy time of year, indeed.

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