Starting the New Year the Right Way on Social

With the New Year came posts from all over the world recognizing the year - see which brands made an impact with their moment.

Starting the New Year the Right Way on Social


There wasn’t too much difference in the visual makeup of New Years postings, but people responded to their favorite brands’ New Years’ greetings – even more so than they did to Christmas posts. According to Socialbakers data, the Top 20 best-performing New Years’ posts averaged almost 30,000 more interactions than the best-performing Christmas posts.

Here are some of the best:

There were some that didn’t include the same imagery at all. Here’s REI’s post celebrating the outdoor life that the brand image embodies.


In addition to the traditional Instagram mainstays like GoPro, Adidas, and Victoria’s Secret, rising brands like H&M rocked the New Year.

Other brands to make their presence felt on Instagram at the turn of the year included retailers Christian Louboutin, Aeropostale, and Forever 21.

For insight into what terms people searched most on Instagram around New Years, we turned to the word cloud.


In the US, the first College Football playoffs were beginning, and one brand got viral success from a brilliant (and lucky) combination of attention, experimentation, and…did we say luck?

Arby’s had been using their Twitter presence to push two products: Curly Fries and Turnovers. To advertise the Turnovers, they pushed their messaging any time a game had a lot of sloppy play. It hadn’t worked that well until this Tweet. Not only was the Tweet itself subtler than their earlier attempts, but the stakes were higher than in earlier games, and Fans were revelling in the storyline on social media, and Arby’s took advantage.

Did you make these 3 social marketing resolutions for 2015?

For the brand that aced 2014 with their famous “Pharrell hat Tweet”, 2015 started out on a high note.

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