5 Things to Know About Your Audience

Your best content isn’t going to do much good if it’s not reaching the right audiences. Here are some key things to know about your audience if you want to get the most out of your work.

5 Things to Know About Your Audience

1. Location

Knowing your Fans’ locations, from Region to Country to City, improves your targeting by allowing you to post at ideal times and reach a more desirable audience. Don’t rack up useless Likes from Fans in non-strategic locations. Block out regions you don’t want to target from accessing your Facebook Page, and ensure that your Posts aren’t “wasted” on people out of your target zone.

2. Language

Understand your diverse audience and tailor your content accordingly. With Facebook, you can test out targeting content both inclusively and exclusively. See which works for you.

3. Interests

You can use Twitter Advertising to target users who follow certain profiles. By identifying Pages or Interests that your ideal audience would engage with on different social networks, you can reach an audience that’s already inclined to listen to you.


Audience demographics are important to know because it not only helps you shape your message, it lets you know if you’re attracting your target market. Without demographic and gender targeting, your content may be reaching an unreceptive audience.

5. Activity

Reaching your audience when they are active online can be an important way to drive engagement and provide good customer service. If your customers make purchases in the evening you can amplify your content by publishing at the peak moment of activity. With social media, the initial uptake and reaction to your content is an important factor for determining its further reach. So if a piece of content is getting high engagement with the first 10% of people reached, that means it’s more likely for Facebook to serve that content to other eligible people.

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