How Agencies Can Win and Keep Clients with Social Analytics

You know you’re doing great work for your client. Do they? We’ve put together a little guide about representing your client on social media and reporting to them.

How Agencies Can Win and Keep Clients with Social Analytics

Create new clients and win old ones with solid reporting

Integrating social media reporting into your services can help you win a pitch by giving you incomparable insight into the market and the competitive advantage. It can also help you retain a client: with the insights social analytics brings, you can show yourself as the industry expert and be a reliable, constant source of strategic support.

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There’s a couple of different ways to think about the value of reporting – let’s look at it by what you want to achieve: getting new clients, or keeping old ones.

1. Visualize data for pitching new clients

When you come to a meeting ready to pitch a client with a gameplan, it automatically gets their attention. You need to stand out. Come prepared by being familiar with their business (and their competition’s) and show you are the industry expert by showing them the landscape they are operating in by analyzing the data and a plan to leverage the industry trends.

2. Reporting to existing clients

You can use reporting to build and strengthen an existing relationship – it’s one more point of interaction with you client, so make it count. As a value-add activity, you can let your clients know that you can provide them with reports at their request, maybe before a big meeting or presentation.

Making a valuable and relevant report

When considering what to include in a report, remember that you don’t need to send an overabundance of data. Send relevant information and create added value by interpreting the data and telling them how you will reach their goals. Make your USP your reliability: consistently provide exact data on cross-platform efforts and trends based on a comprehensive data-set.

You can report:

  • Milestones and your achievements. Show them the fruits of your collaboration on their social marketing campaigns.
  • Audits, competition, and content analyses. These will serve both you and them. You can include them in the decision-making process when setting strategy by interpreting this data together.
  • Important metrics. If you’ve decided with your client that they would like to see a certain metric they think is important like reach, referrals to their website or engagement, make sure to follow through on this.

Reporting need not be a nuisance or an annoying extra task you have to add to the thousand other things you are trying to accomplish. Setting up a report like we are talking about here in Socialbakers Analytics takes only a couple of seconds and exporting it in a presentation or PDF file is equally easy. Decide what you need the report to do, filter out the irrelevant stuff and send it off to your prospect or client, and your services will have become that much more valuable.

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