The Benefits of Using a Top-Notch Community Management Tool

Creating content for a multitude of clients and keeping track of when to publish as well as constantly growing can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be.

The Benefits of Using a Top-Notch Community Management Tool

If you use a community management tool like Socialbakers Builder, you can schedule posts, aggregate and track the posts of your competition, manage user posts and direct messages, and keep your team focused all in one interface.

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Aggregating Posts for social customer care

When you’re trying to grow a business or do meaningful work for a client, you have to be careful to nurture every lead you get. This means being a reliable source of information about the product or service on social, and being there to answer any questions as fast and effectively as possible. Brands were asked nearly 22 million questions on Facebook and Twitter in 2014 – you need to be prepared.

Using a community management like Socialbakers Builder, you can receive all of the questions in one interface for both Facebook and Twitter and respond to them quickly and easily, as well as assign the questions to another team member. You can even send internal chat messages within the tool, so your team is responding the right way.

See how the Question Response Rate of a Socialbakers Analytics client who started using Socialbakers Builder improved:

Schedule content to free up time for strategy-building

Apart from being a must-have for social customer care, Socialbakers Builder allows you to schedule content. This means you can create your content, load it up into the tool and it will be published automatically to the social media profiles at a time you specify. You can use the saved time and energy on analyzing performance (Socialbakers Builder also includes performance metrics) and perfecting your strategy to keep growing. Backing up your strategy with data will make you a reliable expert to your client.

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